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Does it hurt having Teeth Pulled ? Scared !!?

Having 2 permament teeth pulled for Braces

Can Mum stay with me ? Will it really hurt ?

I'm soooo scared about it.

Does it hurt having Teeth Pulled ? Scared !!?
I've had several teeth pulled. Don't be scared. You will be given novocaine and that takes away all sensation of pain. I think you're more scared of the idea of it. I know it sounds scary, but it's really not that bad, and only takes a few seconds. You won't even feel it. And I never had any pain or discomfort afterwards either. Sure, your mom can stay with you. Just try to relax and think about something else. My dentist gave me earphones, and I could listen to music while this was being done. Good luck!
Reply:nah get some nitrous oxide that will do the trick
Reply:Dont be scared hon. Usually, your mum can come in the room with you, it just depends on your dentist. The dentist will numb you up so that you can't feel when they pull your teeth. Usually, they will let you know that you will feel 'pressure' and maybe some 'pulling', but as far as feeling pain you really shouldn't. If they start and you do feel actually pain and not pressure, let them know, and they can give you some more numbing medicine. Wish you the best, and don't worry, kids get teeth pulled all the time to make room in their mouth when getting braces.
Reply:You won't feel it at all. If they're permanent, they'll put you on anesthetic, and you will first not care what they do, then you won't feel a thing and you'll fall asleep.

Don't worry about it at all though.
Reply:It hurts a whole lot less than not getting them fixed. If you get a good dentist, you won't even feel a thing. The worst part is thinking about it. If you can think about or concentrate on anything else other than what is happening in your mouth, you'll be a whole lot better off.
Reply:it depends on where is the tooth and the kind of anasthesia the dentist will give, but in general it will hurt but not too much. I mean you will feel some pain then it will go away.

and I am pretty sure that your mum can stay with you.
Reply:I've had all of mine taken out, not by choice. But that's another story!

Your Mom will likely be allowed to be with you!

With the medicines available today, you will likely not feel any pain. Perhaps some mild discomfort, but that's about it.

Follow your doctors orders as to how to treat your mouth after extraction. This is important!

Again, you should not feel any pain!

Good luck and keep brushing those fangs! ;-)

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Reply:Yes your mom can stay with you. Why did somebody tell you she can't. Yes and no. Why i say that is when they acualy pull it it hurts like hell. Then it doesn't. Till....................................... pain killer wear off. Then the pain is soooooooo bad. But it usally takes 10 he. till they wear off. Sorry.
Reply:No it wont hurt, the shots to deaden the teeth will hurt more than the pulling of them. And yes your mom can stay with you. Your teeth are very important. I'm 65 and have only 27 left after spending over $40,000.00 in my life on caring for them.There is nothing like having your real teeth, ask anyone that has false teeth.
Reply:It doesn't hurt but you can hear the sucking and cracking through your head. It made me sick. Just be sure to eat breakfast and don't have any pop or sugar or coffee since that will up your metabolism and you will get nervous and sick like I did. They will numb you up for as long as they need to for you not to feel any pain during the procedure and after wards, make sure to get the pain killers and antibiotics as soon as possible, because it will hurt for a couple of days after wards. Don't smoke or suck anything thru a straw, as this will dislodge the blood clot and your tooth hole will start bleeding and it is hard to stop. Just try not to get too worked up since the doc has probably done this before and doesn't want you to have a bad experience or any pain. He is doing it in your best interest so be thankful you have the option of having a good dentist.
Reply:Nah...they numb you..Your good

Will it Hurt having teeth out?

Soon, I am gettin braces! but i have to have 3 teeth out, because of over crowding.

I'm getting it done at my local dentists, and i'm not sure if i'm going to get numbed, or put to sleep, but either way, do you think it will hurt alot? because i'm not too good with pain. :p x

Will it Hurt having teeth out?
it probobly will hurt a little. they'll probobly give u a shot for numbing. u'll probobly feel a little pain from them pulling. my cousin got a few pulled a couple yrs ago and he threw up later our something like that. i'm sure it won't b as bad as u think though. i'll b praying 4 u and i hope it goes well. XD
Reply:umm im good with pain ,but point blank yea it is annoying after everything wears off
Reply:you'll get numbed..dont worry. and because of that, it shouldnt hurt.. but the next few days will be sore and you'll eat alot of applesauce and mashed potatoes. but dont worry, it will all work out in the end. i had braces for three years and couldnt WAIT to get them off... now that i have, i have a beautiful smile good luck and just be patient
Reply:Just take some pain killers before you go and you'll be fine.

They will numb you up so you won't feel a THING at all. The only thing that will hurt is the next couple of days. Not HURT HURT but your mouth will be a little sore. So stick to soft foods for a while.

You'll be okay though, don't worry. My mom's a dental assistant so I know what it's all about.

also, you can bring some music to listen to so you'll be a at ease when they give you the hook up.

Your teeth will look fabulous!

Good luck!
Reply:OMG I was totally freaking out when I had to get my 4 teeth pulled for the same reasons as you, but I am telling you I had NO, Zero, Zip problems or pain. You have Nothing to worry about. The only thing that kind of hurts are the shots to numb you, but when they are pulling the teeth out all you can feel is the pressure, and you might hear a couple of cracks. I was also surprised how FAST those teeth come out. Mine per tooth took probably 20 seconds.

Good luck and don't stress like I did. You have Nothing to worry about.
Reply:small pain after that's all.

if no anesthetic you would pass out
Reply:I had a tooth pulled two months ago. The dentist gave me a shot to numb the area. Even though I didn't feel pain when the tooth was coming out there is pain after the numbness goes away. You need to keep the space cleaned and gargle frequently so that if any food particles goes into the empty space it wont smell.
Reply:If your dentist is good the answer is no, it shouldn't hurt. He should numb the area where teeth will be extracted. You might feel a sting when the local goes in. After it's good and numb he'll push around it with what looks like a small spoon to make sure that you don't have any extra nerves going to that tooth, then he'll slowly apply pressure until it comes out. The key word is PRESSURE. That's something you'll definitely feel and unless they do put you asleep for it you can't get out of it, but you shouldn't feel pain. Once you get home I'd take some Motrin before the numb feeling wears off, not because it will hurt but because it will feel irritated. Eat soft things for a couple of days, ice cream and Popsicles are good. Your mouth heals fast. Not a lot of pain, more like a scraped knee. Just annoying. Good luck!

One of my teeth hurts when I eat/drink anything hot or cold. It doesn't hurt at any other time though?

I've tried Sendodyne toothpaste for 2 years now, but the tooth is still the same. Does anyone know why my tooth is like this and if anyone knows what more I can do?

One of my teeth hurts when I eat/drink anything hot or cold. It doesn't hurt at any other time though?
Firstly, try rinsing out your mouth with five drops of some pure essential clove oil mixed in half a cup of luke warm water. Buy the oil from a health shop its not exspensive.

If the actual problem is further down then you may need to see your dentist, it maybe that you need Root Canal Treatment.

You could go into your chemist and explain to them the problem and that youve tried sensodyne. Just say to them you would like to try something else BEFORE you go to the dentist. See then if they will advise you with something to try.
Reply:sounds liek it has decay, you nedd the dentist to fill it up for you
Reply:sounds like damaged nerve endings in tooth. it wont repair itself so a visit to dentist seems inevitable.go on,grit your teeth and bear it,it wont cause you half as much discomfort as your obviously suffering at the moment.
Reply:I had the same problem (though i was in mongolia at the time and so it also hurt when i breathed in as the air was so cold - it was awful!) and when i went to the dentist it turned out i needed some root canal treatment. I would make an appointment with your dentist, as you may well need a filling/root canal.
Reply:its a trip to the dentist for you i am afraid. was gonna suggest sensodyne but just saw you used it already. it must need work doing somewhere there is prob a hole.
Reply:i would have your dentist check it out just to be sure. i have the same problem with cold. my dentist told me it is not uncommon. as you age your gums recede an expose some nerve endings. better to be safe and have it checked out though.
Reply:Your tooth has become sensitive. increase ur calcium and Vitamin C intake if its in initial stage otherwise dentis will cover it with gold so that u don't feel pain. meanwhile u can use a tooth paste for sensitive teeth which are available over the counter. but do consult ur dentist.

Keep Smiling.
Reply:It sounds like you might have a crack letting fluid leak down to the root nerve.

My Husband has perfect teeth and about 3 years ago this same thing happened and we found out somehow he had fractured a molar. It had to be pulled. But that was just his.

But you need to see a dentist to have it xrayed to see what the problem might be. It might be able to be repaired and crowned, if that is the problem.

Make an appointment. Otherwise it could cause decay and the lose of the entire tooth.

Good Luck.
Reply:Talk to a dentist. I had that for a long time and after a few years it got worse. My dentist gave me a root canal and it really worked, no more sore teeth at all.
Reply:As you can tell from the various answers already posted, the cause of your sensitivity could be many different things. One I haven't seen mentioned is toothbrush abrasion. It is simply brushing too hard, causing the tooth to be sensitive, just like a cavitiy would feel. Your dentist can address this problem, also. Since you've been dealing w/ this for 2 years, I assume you've not visited the dentist regularly. Make yourself an appointment for a cleaning and an exam.

If the cause of your sensitivity is decay, you probably have very little time left if a filling will solve the problem. Wait too long, and you may need a root canal. Very expensive.

Good luck to you!

Does it hurt having Teeth pulled ? So scared & nervous?

Having 2 Adult teeth pulled for Braces

Can Mum stay with me ? Will it hurt loads ?

omg i'm soooooooo scared about having it done

also hate injections so much

Does it hurt having Teeth pulled ? So scared %26amp; nervous?
Relax. It will not hurt (during) because you will get Novocaine. You won't feel a thing. It might hurt after you get home and the Novocaine wears off, but it's no big deal. And they will give you pain killers.
Reply:Yes she can be with you. It just hurts with the first injection, just a pin prick it's a VERY fine needle, don't worry. Wont feel a thing.
Reply:Ask your Mom if she can take you to someone that uses Nitrous Oxide. You will not be awake for the procedure, but you will have some discomfort (not horrible pain) for a few days. Most dentists will not allow Mom in the room while they work, but she will be in the waiting area.
Reply:I had a couple teeth pulled and its nothing to worry about, just feel a bit of pushing, more uncomfortable that painfull really.

Your mum can go in with you if you want her to.

I hate injections too, more so than the extractions, I think it helps to close my eyes, I'm fine if I don't see the needle.

I'm sure you'll be fine. It's the thought of it that's the worst bit. Good luck!

edit: Contrary to what someone else suggested, Do not take any drugs before you go to the dentist even Asprin. The dentist will give you drugs to control the pain and you don't want to be taking anything that could interfere with that. Getting teeth removed is not 'awful' it is a very simple procedure. It is uncomfortable but not painfull at all. You'll be fine.
Reply:No. It's okay. Take some tunes with you. Plug them in your ears and it will be over in 1 minute. The shot will seem worse then the pulling. So plug your favorite tunes in before that.
Reply:I had a tooth pulled and I fell asleep while they pulled it. Then I woke up. I mean without drugs I fell asleep. It doesn't hurt it just feels like they are working in there
Reply:I have had baby teeth pulled and all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and it hurts. I don't care how much they numb you you can feel them pulling, all the pressure and you can feel the cracking and cruching of your tooth coming out and it is really awful. I don't handle pain to much. All I can say is to take some pain killers before you do this. Maybe some Motrin and asprin.
Reply:Sophie - Relax, luv! You'll be fine.

If you've had your ears pierced, the injections will be no worse...just a pinch. If you're still nervous, have mum call the doc and prescribe you anxiety medication or ask of they have Nitrous. Contrary to what someone wrote above, Nitrous does NOT put patients to sleep; just makes them not care what's going on. if you want to be asleep, you need to ahve what's called "IV sedation"

Whether your mum can be w/ you is up to the dental office. Honestly, some young patients do better with parent(s) NOT in the room....

as for user called "SmartAzz," just ignore him. I've had patients like that and theyr'e one in a 100... usually tough looking guys who have tattoos and still can't handle a teeny injetion syringe tip.... Basically I have 7 year old girls that handle the whole thing better than guys like that!

As for hearing cracking; yeah, it's a possibility with wisdom teeth, but if you're having two adult teeth pulled (bicuspids) then they don't even have fully formed roots, so it will be SUPER easy for the Doc to take them out! just some pressure.

best wishes, and as the python boys sang, Always look on the bright side of life...
Reply:They will give you shots in your mouth (feels like a little pinch doesn't hurt) so you can't feel the teeth being pulled out. I will hurt after-wards (for a couple of days at most) so make sure you take plenty (NOT TO MUCH) of ibuprofen or whatever u like to use as a pain-reliever. And a little trivia, you mouth is the fastest part of your body that heals. it will heal fairly quickly and shouldn't be too much discomfort.

Hope I helped!


Reply:yiiikkkssss!! I am facing the same thing, and having had teeth pulled hate to tell you it doesn't hurt as much as scares the hell outta you.. you feel the pressure and like your head is going to be pulled off.....get a dentist you know and trust...or get can usually come with you....ask for the "wand" is not like a needle and doesn;t hurt...

Giood luck punkin
Reply:I've had several extractions, my wisdom teeth twice. If you are properly novocated you will feel pressure and hear noise- no pain. Make sure you get a good script.
Reply:it hurts!!!

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Antibiotics hurt adult teeth in children?

Has anyone heard that Antibiotics as a child can hurt or weaken adult teeth?

If so do you have links to info on this?

Antibiotics hurt adult teeth in children?
To answer your question, there are no known antibiotics that will hurt or weaken a child's teeth. However, side effects such as intrinsic staining (within teeth) can result from antibiotic such as tetracycline. These stains are not commonly found in children anyone since doctors are aware of the potential side effect. Also tetracycline will not effect teeth that are already erupted.
Reply:Tetracycline will. It makes your adult teeth darker. Look up side effects of tetracycline.
Reply:Only tetracycline antibiotic. When given to a child who is forming adult teeth it will cause a black, permanent stain on the child's adult teeth. It doesn't necessarily hurt or weaken the teeth, just causes a horrible stain. The stain is permanent and cannot be whitened. The only way to get rid of it is haveing veneers placed over.

Does Oxycontin hurt your teeth?

I had surgery a couple months ago and have been on Oxycontin fairly steadily since then. It works nicely to cut the pain, but I'm noticing that my teeth are starting to hurt whenever I take them. I've heard that they can cause tooth decay but haven't been able to find anything about that online.

If anyone knows anything, it'd be mucho appreciated.

Does Oxycontin hurt your teeth?
First of all you have not clarified which type of Oxycontin you are taking,say from 5 mg to 100 mg?Is a necrotic based medicine.If your teeth hurts you that not because of Oxycontin,But if you are a Alcohol addicted or smokers,be careful about your teeth.If the tooth decay is persisting consult your dentist.well if you need more details about the products go to the manufacturer's site or Http:// in the search box type Oxycontin and yahoo will bring more than 10 sites in search result.Select FDA approved site.Or manufacturer's site.

Teeth hurt due to braces, help?

I just got them tightened on Friday, 02/08/2008, and now my top row hurts. i can't bite. i've taken apap and it hurts like hell. i need it to stop hurting by tomrrow, because i have to go to school on monday and i dont want to eat with pain. any suggestions on healing faster? no crap answers please.

Teeth hurt due to braces, help?
try asprin or pain killer. it's part of the process. when you really think about what's going on in your mouth - forcing your teeth into an un-natural position - that's a lot of force put on your mouth and head. and remember to always wear the retainer, once the braces are removed, 'cause those suckers (teeth) have a memory like an elephant - and will return to the position that's natural (born with).
Reply:Try taking some Advil. Or if you don't want to take advil, try tylenol. They probably hurt because your gums are swollen a little bit. You can also try rubbing some anbesol on your gums, that will numb them.
Reply:i fell you ! what i do is take aleve and rub some ambesol.
Reply:it usually takes about 3 days for your teath to stop hurting
Reply:I agree Advil or Ibuprofen (both the same thing) will probably help you best. I had braces and I had something the Orthodontist put in the roof of my mouth I had to use a "Key" with and tighten it daily. It was supposed to spread the roof of my mouth as they said my palette was to high. Believe me I know it hurts. You might ask your Dentist or Family Doctor to prescribe a mild muscle relaxer like Skelaxin to help. Hope you feel better soon!

Help! I got my braces today and my front teeth really hurt?

I got my braces today and the dentist told me not to bite into anything, strictly, and i forgot and did. Now my front teeth really hurts, as if they're going to fall off or something. Can someone tell me if my teeth will be ok and whether the pain will go away? will anything happen to me? I'm scared or maybe just being paranoid but thanks in advance!

Help! I got my braces today and my front teeth really hurt?
Your teeth will be fine, but you will experience some discomfort because you did not follow the dentist's instructions. They give you a list of dos and don'ts for a reason, and now you know what that reason is. You can take something like Tylenol or what ever the dentist told you to take. Give it time and it will go away.
Reply:that's just normal. when you just got your braces, when you bite into something, your teeeth will hurt. all i'm saying is, it's a natural thing. it all okay. =)
Reply:they won't fall off...your teeth aren't that weak...the pain will fade gradually over the days as your teeh shift accordin to how your braces are set...the first time you get them tightened are the worse, but after that, it's smooth sailing :]
Reply:It's normal for them to feel like they could fall out or like they're only being held in by the braces, don't worry though, they'll hurt for a day or two just survive on custard and mashed potato for the next day or two! good luck
Reply:This is normal. It will take a few days for your teeth to adjust. Just eat soft foods for a few days and you'll be fine. Your teeth will be sore every time you get your braces tightened also. Tylenol will help a bit too. The end results are worth the little bit of pain you feel now, trust me. :o)
Reply:Don't worry about it, hun. You should be fine. When I got braces it took like 2-3 days for the pain to go away and then soon after that you should be able to eat like normal. Just be careful about eating anything hard.


My braces are really causing my teeth to hurt. What is the best thing to take for the pain?

I have had my braces for a while. Here recently, my teeth have started hurting. What should I take for the pain? Aspirin or Ibuprofen.

My braces are really causing my teeth to hurt. What is the best thing to take for the pain?
I believe Ibuprofen works best for dental pain.
Reply:Ya I have that same problem. Just wait it out and make sure not to eat food that is to hard for your teeth. Pains will go away though. mom's a doctor and i hahd braces... it gets better i promise
Reply:If you didn't get them tightened recently then maybe something else is wrong. I wouldn't know what it may be. Maybe call your orthodontist.
Reply:I like the fast dissolving Tylenol. If you are under 18, please stay away from asprin. Swishing with warm salt water is a good immediate relief, as well as baby teething ointment. can take up to 4 {500mg.} at a time if your over 18.
Reply:put wax on them it will releave the tension
Reply:Do NOT take aspirin! Go with ibuprofen or acetaminophen (Tylenol). Aspirin could potentially thin out your blood too much causing your teeth and gums to be more susceptible to bleeding. This is especially a problem since you have braces.

Hope this helps =)
Reply:try massaging your gums lightly with your toothbrush That helps for me , it may be painful to do so do it before bed , you should feel better in the morning. :)
Reply:i used to take ibuprofen %26amp; suck on ice. those 2 years were like HELL!!! my braces caused my teeth to hurt when i got them tightened %26amp; made me talk kinda weird. %26amp; whenever i ate, food kept getting stuck in them. i'm sooo glad i don't have them anymore.

Two days ago another of my Wisdom teeth was coming in. It was really painfull and today it doesnt hurt....?

But today i woke up like at 4 am with pain of my other tooth cuspid hurts which is locateted where the wisdom tooth. I had a filling in that tooth before and i'm just wondering if its the wisdomtooths fault... please help i'm in pain.. My parents said its just my imagination.. but... i dont think it is .. it hurts when i touch it and the other teeth dont..

Two days ago another of my Wisdom teeth was coming in. It was really painfull and today it doesnt hurt....?
Just make a dentist appointment and ask if the wisdom teeth are interfering with the other teeth in your mouth. If they aren't, they will come in just fine and you won't even have to have them removed. If they are going to interfere with the growth of your other teeth, you'll have to have them removed.

Teeth coming in hurts, period. It's probably not your imagination. For the time being, try not to bite down on those areas of your teeth as it'll just cause more unneeded pain. You do need to have them looked at though, to make sure they won't interfere with your other teeth.
Reply:you may have an infection under your teeth callled cysts..go see a dentist

Why does one of my teeth still hurt 2wks after a brace?

I recently had a brace fitted, two weeks friday and although all of my teeth are ok? One at the front where the wire finishes is very tender to touch. Its only along 6 of my front bottom teeth and next door i have a space where one was removed in March.. Any ideas why it hurts when i bite down or touch it?

Why does one of my teeth still hurt 2wks after a brace?
it could have something to do with the sensory nerves inside that tooth, or it could just be adjusting to the pressure that was recently put on it. i would ask the orthodontist

What are some ways your teeth can hurt you?

I'm in the military and I asked our dentist office if I could get braces. They said they won't do it for cosmetic purposes. They only will give you braces if your teeth are hurting you.

My question is; what are some ways your teeth can harm you? I need some ideas so I can tell them something to get myself some braces.

Damn military will pay for someone to get a boob job and that's cosmetic, but they won't let me get braces!!!!

What are some ways your teeth can hurt you?
Tell them your gums are always sore and it hurts to chew/floss
Reply:teeth can hurt u if dey hav got sharp cusps..or edges or points as u may cal dem.solution 4 dat s geting dem grinded a reduce deir height..if u asked bout the mechanical hurting..dats it..but odr dan dat..various diseases.even simple carious tooth wen neglected can lead to serious its very imp to go for regular dental checkup every 6 months..
Reply:tell them they give you headaches

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Does it hurt? Broken teeth at the gum line.?

I hate going to dentist. I have had a number of visits where the novacaine has wore off and I could feel the pain. The last one was during a root canal while the files where in the canals and the Dentist was treating another patient. OUCH!!

Anyways, I had 2 teeth that had root canals, I did not get the crowns. The temp fillings fell out and the teeth cracked. I lost both teeth, a half a tooth at a time. I fear that there is still partial tooth under the gums and will require an excavation. They do not hurt now, but would like to smile again without the embarrasement.

Does this hurt? Including the possible implant/bridge.

Does it hurt? Broken teeth at the gum line.?
Look for a dentist that offers anasthesia...some are now putting patients to sleep while doing dental work
Reply:yes for some, no for others
Reply:Yes for some people it hurts a lot for some other people they can take the pain.
Reply:i would think so better see a dentist soon
Reply:sounds like you is in for a bad day dude
Reply:aww....doesn't soound fun but if you get a good dentist you should not feel anything during the prosedure except for a small pin prick with the novicane and afterwards only minor pain.....something that tylenol will help with.....good luck!
Reply:Without crown root canal treatment is incomplete..teeth becomes brittle n breaks..yes i m sure ur root piece must be in gums..yes u shud get extracted if it cannot be build or save by post and core..

extraction is not painful as anesthetia is give so it will be numb and implant is expensive treatment and bridge is cheaper..depends on budget and age...implant requires minor surgery while brigde requires slight grinding of front and back tooth of missing tooth...

dental treatment is best decided after checkin patients clinically or examining themmbut wht i understand from ur question i have explained u
Reply:What really hurts is that you are even considering not having the work done. Get off your high horse and go to the dentist. Before you have any work tell the dentist what your experience has been in the past. Dentist do forget you know they can not remember every patient that comes to them. So remind him or her about your experience. Pain is a good thing, with out it how would we know if there is anything wrong. Buck up buddy!
Reply:those root canal teeth themselves won't hurt you because the nerves in them are dead however, they could get infected and yes, that will hurt you. the best plan is to let your dentist extract them before pain starts. allow them to heal and then make a plan on how to replace them so you can smile again.
Reply:Does your dentist even know how fast the pain killer or freezing wears off?Mine always gives me extra cause before he's done the freezing is wearing off.I'd rather stay frozen for more than 2hrs than not frozen for an hour.
Reply:get a good dentist ......first and get him to cap and bridge you teeth

Why does it hurt when you start growing in your wisdom teeth?

I think i know the answer but my boyfriend has a different opinion. so i want to find out who is right.

I say it is because the tooth is ripping your gums. its like when your a baby and your growing your 1st tooth, it hurts cause your tearing the gum. but then afterward when you loose your baby tooth n grow new ones it doesnt hurt because the hole is already there in the gum.

Now my boyfriends opinion is because there is no room for the tooth to grow thats why it hurts.

So who is right? me with my opinion of because it's tearing the gum or my boyfriend who thinks there no room for the tooth?

Why does it hurt when you start growing in your wisdom teeth?
I think you're both right. You already know that erupting teeth can be irritating to the gums. If you don't remember, your mom probably does. Sometimes, 3rd molars (wisdom teeth) take awhile to come in, so the irritation can last a long time.

Also (for the smart boyfriend), most people don't have room for their wisdom teeth and when they can't find space to erupt, they tend to grow sideways or otherwise, often crowding the roots of the 2nd molars. Some people experience jaw pain and headaches associated with wisdom teeth.

Most people have their wisdom teeth removed between the ages of 16 and 21. Some (like me) wait much longer. Usually, a person heals faster and with fewer complictions if they're younger. Also, once teeth are badly impacted, they are more difficult to remove and may require a specialist, general anesthetic, and bone drilling (very unpleasant).

Your dentist can take a panoramic x-ray - the kind that wraps around your head - to see how your 3rd molars are doing and whether they need to be removed.
Reply:I think you are right, however some (but not all) people do not have room and this causes the wisdom teeth to become impacted, which is painful. So basically most people have pain because the teeth are erupting through the gums.

more info:

Is it true that if u silver fillings aluminum foil makes ur teeth hurt and y?

i have 11 fillings, 1 of them is silver and when i was taking a piece of gum out of the wrapper the silver 1 hurt really bad, y?

Is it true that if u silver fillings aluminum foil makes ur teeth hurt and y?
The reason behind it is, when dis-similar metals touch each other, it forms a tiny battery. The amount of electricity generated depends on the combination of metal that are touching.

When you bite into aluminum foil, you created a small battery. The electrical charge conducted to your nerves through your filling. Remember, pain sensations are nothing more than nerves being excited. You just did that with electricity.
Reply:Yes it hurts bad. I don't know why. I know that it hurts tho. I have done it before. I think its the metal on metal thing but i am not sure. Best of luck tho!!

I've had my braces top braces on for almost 2 months now and my teeth hurt frequently.?

Can you feel when your teeth start to shift?I've already started to notice a difference in my top teeth?How long does it take for your teeth to start shifting or do you think that it's too soon? Please HELP!

I've had my braces top braces on for almost 2 months now and my teeth hurt frequently.?
Your teeth will start moving immediately! And yes you can feel it. It will make you sore, so take some Tylenol or whatever you take for headaches. Sometimes right after we do something on a patient we can see the change before they even leave. It's amazing!
Reply:Your teeth are moving all right! I swear I had braces for fifty years, but I think it was really three. They will hurt, but it's worth it! Forever after your teeth will be straight and look their best. Before braces, I bit myself a lot and that went away after the orthodontia. I'm really glad I went through it.
Reply:yea, ive got braces, for almost more then a year, i usually have a little tylenol, and ur wrong, its not 2 early, u c every month u go 2 the dentist they do sumtin different atleast most of the times, every month is a new treatment, just do wat i do, have tylenol the day it rlly hurts. for me shifting started after my 4th month, but dont feel scared, its different 4 every1. dont worry u r ssoooo gonna get used 2 it! lol

Broken Teeth

I have a crazy toothache!! I can't tell what tooth it is but ALL my teeth hurt on the left side both top and

bottom. I don't have any cavities. I do have a bridge and a couple of crowns on the anchor teeth of course. I can take Ibupropen and get a little relief. I am waiting on an appt with my dentist...hopefully tomorrow. Does anyone have any ideas what could cause such widespread pain?

I have a crazy toothache!! I can't tell what tooth it is but ALL my teeth hurt on the left side both top and
Wide spread tooth pain is often related to tooth clenching while asleep. Of course there are other reasons, but usually the pain is more localized

Good luck
Reply:see a dentist. put orajel on them..
Reply:When I had an impacted wisdom tooth, it made my whole jaw sore. It got infected and was possibly the worst pain I've ever experienced. Get an emergency appt. with your dentist right away, they can most likely take a couple of xrays to figure out what it is, and if it is impacted, they will send you home with a prescription and an appointment to have it extracted. If you have all of your wisdom teeth out, then I don't have a clue what it could be...
Reply:Long time ago, I had a severe toothache (upper left side)and I was to board a plane for international travel. Only other symptom was a little headache. Family doctor concluded that the toothache was the result of sinus and cold allergy and the dentist I saw found nothing wrong where it was paining. I get very sleepy with those antihistamines, but had no choice, it sure did work.

You are doing the right thing trying to see the dentist. Hope he finds what is bothering you. But if all your teeth are healthy as you feel, then you can explore other possibilities.

Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

I have a head cold/possible sinus inf. Why do my teeth hurt?

Is the cold/infection affecting my teeth? is this a symptom of a sinus infection?

I have a head cold/possible sinus inf. Why do my teeth hurt?
Sounds like sinus infection. That causes teeth pain because your sinus cavities are swollen and the pressure on the nerves of your teeth.
Reply:Yes, it's because of the sinus infection. The pressure in your sinuses also presses on your teeth causing them to hurt.

My dsentist say i dont have cavities yet my top two teeth hurt?

i suffer from stress i know i grind teeth but could nt he tell that or is it all in my head

My dsentist say i dont have cavities yet my top two teeth hurt?
What are you talking about?
Reply:maybe u have sensetive teeth - you could try a sensetive teeth-tooth paste like sensadine .

or maybe its from grinding ur teeth. - if it is , you can have a mouth guard made for u to wear at night - to stop you from griding so much.
Reply:You probably have made your teeth very sensitive and that is why they are hurting. Try TELLING your dentist about it and sometimes he can fit you for some sort of mouth guard that keeps you from grinding your teeth . This may solve your problem. I doubt you have cavaties.
Reply:its probably from grinding your teeth, i do the same thing and always wake up with random tooth and jaw pain. maybe you have a cracked tooth? sometimes tooth grinding also makes your teeth sensitive so it could just be sensitivity.
Reply:It hurts because you grind! You answered your own question. You should get a mouth guard for night because grinding is pretty bad. I have huge holes in my teeth from grinding and whenever I get cavities, it is because of the holes in my teeth my grinding has caused.

I feel like my mouth locks at night and my teeth hurt?

anyone know wat this is or how to stop it?it doesnt happen everynight but some nights and i feel liek i just cant stop it.Its almost feels liek this huge pressure and my teeth are jst gonna crack or fall off.Horrible sensation, its nearly like in a dreamlik state tho.

I feel like my mouth locks at night and my teeth hurt?
you need to get a night guard. I am the same way, I literally broke one of my teeth in the middle of the night, it snapped. There's not much you can do but a nightguard. They have mouth guards at the store that would be cheaper if money is a problem. It caused from a lot of stress.
Reply:stop stressin
Reply:You could be grinding your teeth in your sleep. Ask your dentist if he can make you a guard which you place in your mouth at night to stop you from doing this.

He'll be able to tell if you are grinding by how worn down the molars are.
Reply:are u sportsman?

if yes maybe your body lack of protein
Reply:lockjaw or TMJ possibly, both are serious and need attention.

I wish you luck
Reply:You might grind you're teeth at night too

the dentist can give you a guard for

that my daughter had that problem.
Reply:You are gritting your teeth in your sleep. You need to see a dentist and he will make you a sleeping plate to stop the gritting causing you damage to your teeth. I have worn one for years, I manage for 2 or 3 months without , then suddenly I will find I am doing it again. Is something worrying you, or, are you in pain? Both will cause you to grit your teeth. If you can find out what is causing you to do it then you may be able to stop it yourself.
Reply:Sounds like you're grinding your teeth at night. You might need a night mouth guard. Check with your dentist...
Reply:When my jaw feels like it's going to lock, I brush the side of my jaw with my fingerTIPS, kind of fast for a few seconds (as if you are trying to brush something off your clothes). For some reason it seems to alleviate the pain. (Rubbing my jaw didn't work.)

Good luck.
Reply:It's called TMJ. Make an appointment with your dentist. I have had this problem for over 40 years. It doesn't go away but there are some things a good dentist can do for you to help you feel better. I completely understand your pain. Wish I had a magic answer but I don't. TMJ stand for temporomandibular joint disease.
Reply:You are grinding your teeth at night and that is why your teeth hurt when you wake up and it can make your jaw lock. Grinding your teeth can cause your teeth to crack and you can also dislocate your jaw. Most of the time stress causes you to grind your teeth. Go see your dentist and have him make you a night guard to wear when you are sleeping so you don't grind your teeth down. I had a patient that grinded his teeth down so far that the nerves of his teeth were exposed so he had to have root canals done on almost all of his teeth. It can cause serious problems. Your dentist can also prescribe you some muscle relaxers to take before you go to bed. Good Luck and I hope that you feel better soon.

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I went to brush my teeth, because I have been busy lately for the last couple days, and my teeth HURT!?

The second the toothpaste hit my teeth the pain was IMMENSE! How can I ease the pain?

I went to brush my teeth, because I have been busy lately for the last couple days, and my teeth HURT!?
You need to see a Dentist, ASAP

Rotten teeth can kill you, they infect

you whole body - teeth aren't suppose

to hurt.
Reply:You may have a gum infection which can be treated with anti biotics in most cases.

Use a mouth wash after every meal and before you go to bed as well.
Reply:It might sound weird, but keep brushing. The more you brush, the more it should help the problem. Might also be helpful to go see your dentist as soon as possible.
Reply:Are you saying you haven't brushed your teeth in a couple of days?

That is gross and why your teeth hurt. See a dentist.
Reply:How can anyone ever be too busy to brush their teeth???? That is disgusting!!

I bit on chopsticks really hard and now my teeth hurt.?

Yesterday, I accidently bit down on chopsticks really hard during dinner and it really hurt. Even right now, it's hurts when i bite something, like my nails for example. Can anyone help?

I bit on chopsticks really hard and now my teeth hurt.?
You may have irritated a nerve in your tooth root.

I don't know, I'm not a professional. Just watch and if symptoms persist I would call your dentist over the phone and ask him.

Don't bite your nails which will escacerbate it and take some motrin.
Reply:Make sure you don't have a tiny piece still in your gums. Sometimes your teeth and gums still hurt for a while after something because they are very sensitive. Try not to bite your nails or eat hard things until the pain passes.
Reply:Clove oil is the best home remedy for toothaches. Even dentists use it. I found the information at useful


I just got braces today and my teeth hurt REALLY bad?

I got braces today at 10:00 and I've been fine until about an hour ago and the pain is getting worse! Is there ANYTHING I can do to at least reduce the pain? When will they start to not hurt as much?

I just got braces today and my teeth hurt REALLY bad?
I know what you mean. This is the worst 24 hours. Get lots of ibuprofen and pudding.
Reply:try taking antibiotics
Reply:get some oragel that helps numb ur teeth
Reply:i have braces. that happens EVERRRYYY time you go to get it fixed or a checkup. it lasts 4 days or even a week. what i do to helkp it go awqay is i brush my teeth a lot. goodluck!
Reply:Just take some tylenol... It hurts for a while, but it gets better everyday! Just eat soft foods for a while.... You will start feeling better soon! trust me, i have had braces twice!!!
Reply:ew i know what you mean. take some advil and just eat soft foods. i know the pain sucks but itll be over soon and you'll have beautiful straight teeth !
Reply:your braces will hurt for the next few days, a LOT!!! this is because your teeth are moving quickly. eat very soft foods and take either ibuprofen or advil to reduce the pain... they both work like a dream!! good luck and eat a lot of soup!!!
Reply:braces really suck!! i got mine tightened today. all u can really so is take asprin or pain reliever. if u want i guess u could put ice on it but i dont kno that it will help. sorry hun. it'll take like 3-7 days for them to stop hurting but once they do u wont even know theyre there. hope u feel better! (and have a nice smile)
Reply:advil/motrin. it helps. and it will hurt for a while, thats normal.

welcome to the bracefaceclub.
Reply:i got mine on it guessing you are about 12-14? i am 13 and i took a total of 400mg of ibprofen, every lets say 6 didnt help completely, but it helped...stay on the softer foods for about a week, then its fine. you wil survive, dont worry, and just be careful! just think on the positive side your teeth will look BEAUTIFUL when they come off....dont overdose on the medicine. be responsible with it. there is nothing you can do to CURE the pain, only you can help it. dont force hard foods into your mouth cuz it will jst hurt more if you try to eat hard foods before your teeth are ready

GOOD LUCKK! happy v-dayy%26lt;3
Reply:Tylenol extra strength. Take these before each visits. It will hurt everytime they tighten your braces up.
Reply:dont worry about that that will soon pas like anything elsee you will see.
Reply:Your going through just what I did a couple years ago. You'll get used to your braces, and don't worry, they won't hurt like this forever. To relive the pain, take an asprin, hold a cold rag up to your mouth, or eat icecream! And get your mind off of your teeth by watching TV or reading a book.
Reply:take some tylonel. how ever you spell that.

yeah i have braces now and my teeth hurt when ever they change the wire, and i take tylonel to reduce the pain. dont eat any hard things or they will hurt. it will be gone about a few days, dont worry.
Reply:trust me i had braces for almost 3 years hon.

umm what i do is eat soft foods.

i know it hurts a lot but ur going to get used to it when u go get new braces when going to checkups.

it's more importent that ur teeth look perfect!

u want to have bad looking teeth?

i think the answer would be no!
Reply:your going to have to tough it out maybe take some asprins,but your teeth are going to hurt whenever you get them tightened,im sorry honey but its true i had braces,almost 17 years ago and they hurt but the end results were well worth it.i lost weight while i had my braces on i loved about to get braces for my 10year old soon.good luck.
Reply:Try rinsing your mouth with warm salt water. It taste a little nasty but it helped when I had braces. Hang in there, it will be worth it when they come off.
Reply:I feel your pain. Take some Advil (ibruprofen) or Aleve (naproxen) every 4 to 6 hours and hang in there. Unfortunately, everytime you have an adjustment, your teeth are going to hurt for awhile. As to how long, everyone is different.
Reply:Yeah, I got my braces a couple of months ago. The pain stops after about 24 hours. Try taking an Advil or another type of pain killer. Also try taking your mind off of it, watch TV or something. You could also eat certin foods, my favs were beans and yogert.

Good luck! Hope your teeth look great!

Does anyone kno if caps for your teeth hurt when they put it in???

bc i have to go today and i don't kno if it will hurt or not

Does anyone kno if caps for your teeth hurt when they put it in???
Personally, it is a little uncomfortable but not very painful.
Reply:teeth, putting them in and taking them out,

Reply:No, not really, you feel a little pressure, but that's about it. I had 4 stainless steel caps when I was a child and it wasn't that bad.
Reply:not really--but don't go by me I think a root canal would be more painful
Reply:I just finished with my full mouth reconstruction and I was scared to death. If I can do it anybody can. But, to answer your question you should be numb and not feel anything but the injection. Have your teeth already been prepped?
Reply:The prep for the cap shouldn't hurt if you are numb. After the prep your teeth may be cold sensitive for a while. The delivery of the crown should be no problem. Sometime it take a few days for the bite to feel right. If it lasts more then that, call your dentist to have it adjusted.
Reply:no they dont hurt

How bad does getting your Wisdom Teeth hurt?

I know I'm going to be knocked out but how bad does it hurt afterwards?

How bad does getting your Wisdom Teeth hurt?
The key to pain management is to take your meds BEFORE

you get in too much pain! Take them on a regular schedule

and get lots of sleep, you shouldn't feel pain, just tired.
Reply:Are you getting your wisdom teeth in or out? If your teeth don't hurt or your wisdom teeth don't cause you any problems you don't have to get them out! When they are coming in get some Orejal and it won't hurt.
Reply:It has been awhile, but I don't recall any pain, just very swollen cheeks. I slept alot afterwards and if there was any pain, I slept it off.

Make sure you stock up on soups, jello's, puddings and ice cream!
Reply:The pain will come then the drugs wear off! But they should give you a prescription for vicodin or something
Reply:Well, mine are coming in right now, and I wouldn't even know it if I couldn't see them. Getting them ripped out is a different story; normal tooth extractions are just about the worst pain ever, so wisdom teeth has to be way worse. (Make sure the dentist remembers to properly numb it, though. They don't think that part's important, but you sure will!)

Can black spots on your teeth hurt and not be cavities?

i recently went to the dentist and he says there not cavities but sometimes they hurt and really sensitive could he be wrong about them not being cavities? i told him they were sensitive and he gave me sensidyne and it don't work.

Can black spots on your teeth hurt and not be cavities?
those are cavities....

he's waiting until those cavities become such a problem that u need root canals

go to anotha dentist and get them filled
Reply:Did they take X-Rays? I don't know what dentist you go to, but is sounds like cavities to me.
Reply:They are probably cavities. You should go to another dentist and get an opinion and get x-rays done. It also may be past filled cavities. In the older days they used black fillings or silver fillings in cavities. They were not to good back then so they may be sensitive. Either may go back to a dentist. I hope this helps.
Reply:they are definitely cavities cuz i have a few of those too.. u shud get a second opinion cuz that doesnt make sense to have black spots on ur teeth that are sensitive and hurt..sorry to say but i think he is definitely wrong you shud see a different dentist
Reply:kill yourself.

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What does it mean when your teeth hurt from eating sweets?

everytime i eat chocolate or any type of candy my teeth aches so bad i have to spit it out to stop the pain. do i have gum disease or something? or maybe very bad case of cavity? i dont see anything wrong with my teeth they seem fine... please help me.

What does it mean when your teeth hurt from eating sweets?
Sensitivity to sweet can sometimes be an indicator for tooth decay.

However, I have seen several cases of people telling me their teeth were sensitive to really sweet things and also NOT have tooth decay.

It is certainly something i'd pursue and go to your dentist. If you haven't been in awhile you should consider making an examination appointment. If you do have a cavity, now is the time to get it treated.

Once you have it evaluated for a cavity, if you do not have one the best thing to do if something is hurting you is to listen to your body and not do it.
Reply:you probably have a cavity.
Reply:you need your cavities filled. After you do that, brush and floss regularly
Reply:You possibly have cavities.
Reply:youve got tooth decay going on go to the dentist
Reply:you have to stop eating sweet and buy ORAGEL

it's really working
Reply:You may be getting a cavity. Best to go to the dentist and get it checked out ASAP. Please make your appointments. I just had to have 2 teeth pulled yesterday because I didn't get in soon enough.
Reply:you have cavity
Reply:you have a senstivity, which is most likely the start of cavities, you need to see a dentist.
Reply:you are having too much sweets and you should make an appointment with your dentist. asap. you might have a really bad cavity
Reply:sweets envites more bacterias and more bacterias causes more cavities. and cavities cause the toothache.

Does getting hit with someone elses teeth hurt your teeth?

My boyfriend is always hitting my teeth with his and it drives me nuts! I told him he is going to knock them out, could anything like that happen?

Does getting hit with someone elses teeth hurt your teeth?
It is called he is a bad kisser. You need to tell him to be still and teach him how to kiss. Kissing isn't fun when you have to take Tylenol afterwards! I don't know about knocking them out, but I am sure they could chip.
Reply:Uh ... yes ....
Reply:Did someone throw their teeth at you?

Oh I see. I think it's really annoying when people hit your teeth with their teeth, and sure, if they do it hard enough, you could break a tooth. But teeth are REALLY strong (as long as you drank your milk or took calcium), so it's not likely.

Tell him to cover up his big teeth with his lips.
Reply:Not unless he came flying at you from across the room...but if you had a tooth that was already loose or fractured it could. If your teeth are healthy its most likely an most boyfriends are!
Reply:hurts dont it? lol no dont really think can knock them out unless super hard but if hes doing this while you kiss he needs to kiss with his lips not his teeth
Reply:OMG! get a life! Ya right .... like somethin' like that would ever happen!
Reply:hi i am a dental tech for the us navy . the answer is yes any hit on the teeth should be checked. however, the level of damage to the pulp (nerve of the tooth)or to the periodontal ligaments(structures that support the teeth on place) depend on the force of the impact and the strenght of your enamel. i will recommend you to make an appointment with your dentist have him take a look and some x rays of your teeth . if you notice any discoloration of the teeth or pain contact your dentist immediately. a root canal may be needed. good luck
Reply:Jessie : yes it does hurt pertty much if he'd did that to you!

because natrual teeth has roots deep inside gum lining and

personnly " Yourself needs to see an Family Dentist" right away

but talk with boyfriend first. Just tell him don't bite them no more

ok ?

even worse, your teeth could get chipped--which means you'll have like, half-a-tooth in your mouth--the ultimate EW. and there expensive to fix--you have to insert a fake tooth, or half of a fake tooth there. can get your teeth punched in--meaning, they don't crack or fall out or anything, but they do move back in your mouth...kinda painful.

I have a retainer....why do my back teeth hurt?

Here's the deal......I got my braces off a month ago and have been to the dentist one time and all they did was tell me about the cavities I had. But everything else looked fine they told me......what I forgot to ask them about was why when I chew steak or any type of meat, my back teeth, usually on the top, and those only, makes that area feel tender and sore?

Anyone know why? Is this common, or my teeth getting used to the retainer or not having braces? Again, it has been about a month, but I do wear my retainer all the time except for 2 hours a day. Is that my teeth moving, because I just went in for a cleaning last week and they told me my teeth are still where they should be. ..........

I have a retainer....why do my back teeth hurt?
Your teeth are getting used to the retainer, most likely. A plastic retainer is somewhat more forgiving than metal braces so your teeth might just be shifting a bit. Keep wearing the retainer according to your dentist's instructions, brush it carefully every day and clean it with a bit of vinegar once a week.
Reply:Your teeth hurt .............. because you have a retainer.
Reply:Its probably the cavities that you have that make your teeth feel tender. Go to the dentist to get those cavities checked.
Reply:Maybe It was your Back Teeth that were reallyu

crocked Mine we my Frount teeth

an when i wore my retainer they hurt

like a mother.

Dont Stop using the retainer

or your teeth will go crocked

OWWW!! ALL four wisdoom teeth hurt! pls help !!! plss?

my friend is havin painnn so much. is there anythin she can do to relieve the pain? she cant go to the dentist rite now.n she is crying coz they hurt alot . ayn home remedy wich will have no side effects.. to suggest??

OWWW!! ALL four wisdoom teeth hurt! pls help !!! plss?
Better listen to Jeannie!!!!! She is right!
Reply:If your country allows the sale of codeine without a doctor's prescription, you could try that.

It's called Panadeine in some parts of the world.
Reply:if your of age. captain morgan .just let a few shots sit in the spots that hurt ,a while.
Reply:She needs to get them taken out immediately or she could risk a very dangerous infection which could result is losing some of her other teeth, muscle damage, or even bone damage. If it she can't afford it right now, take her to the closest hospital-they can bill her later and she can make payment arrangements with them based on how much she can afford. If she can afford it and it is a work/school conflict, she just needs to tell her boss/teacher that she has to have this done immediately and they will understand. Then she needs to go to the closest oral surgeon and schedule surgery. In the meantime while she is waiting to have the surgery, have her hold hot/cold packs on her cheeks and take some acetaminophin (ibprofen, tylenol) to relieve the pain.

Good luck!

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Crest Whitestrips makes my teeth hurt! How can I get rid of it?

This is my second day using Crest Whitestrips. I use it twice a day. I am starting to have sensitivity and pain with my gums and teeth. Is there anyway i can help or get rid of the pain?

Crest Whitestrips makes my teeth hurt! How can I get rid of it?
Stop using them. Even in the instructions, it tells you to discontinue if you experience sensitivity. I used to use them and the same thing happened to me. Excruciating pain, I stopped just out of fear that they would harm my roots. You can try a natural way of whitening teeth that is very effective; just use a 1:1 ratio of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. You may experience slight pain in some teeth, but unlike the strips, these ingredients are good for you, the pain is due to an infection in your teeth that is being treated by the mixture.

Hope this was helpful! :)
Reply:They did the same thing to me. Now I use Listerine Whitening Mouth Rinse .. love it!
Reply:then STOP using the whitening strips. Teeth are NOT white, they are off white in color. No long term tests have been done on whitening strips because they are a new product. It may or may not be damaging your teeth's enamel (stripping it away). And enamel does NOT grow back. So if it is making your teeth hurt take that as a sign to stop using the product forever.
Reply:i used them. but it happen to me too.i hate it i stop right after my 2 day i barely could suffer not try them.just stop what you are doing.
Reply:some fluoridation can desensitize the pain the teeth

Anyone here who's teeth hurt during pregnancy?

My teeth are killing me. They are causing headaches. I have never had this problem before. I think its the pregnancy.

Anyone here who's teeth hurt during pregnancy?
Pregnancy can cause your teeth and gums to hurt. It's normal! I'm a doctor and I learned it in college! It sounds weird but its true! If you have any further questions you can email me at at any time of the day. Thx! %26lt; Dr. Kim Kersey
Reply:it sure does i would visit the dentist right away tooth problems can led to preterm labor
Reply:could be. Also if you are having stress, you might be clenching your teeth togeather. I suggest a bit plate while you are sleeping. and go visit your dentist.
Reply:Try to consume more calcium. The calcium that you already have your baby is sucking it all up. Consume more calcium before your teeth fall out. (I'm serious!)
Reply:It sounds like sinus problems.
Reply:It's normal. I actually developed gum disease while pregnant, but my dentist said it was normal and now that the baby is here, my teeth are fine.
Reply:I did in the late 1st/early 2nd trimester. It went away though.
Reply:when u r pregnant ur baby takes everything from teeth hurt.. my bones hurt..i was hair fell out..its all apart of being pregnant...u can go to the dentist but depending on how far along u r there isnt much they can do for 8 mths prgnant i had a partial root canal it was the worse...and when i had the baby i had no time to go back and finish it so i lost the tooth...ask ur obgyn if there is n e thing u can take to help

Why do my teeth hurt when i wake up?

they feel numb in the morning and kinda hurt, whats up with this?

Why do my teeth hurt when i wake up?
You are probably grinding them. I have the same problem. It's probably a good idea to see the dentist about this, because this can REALLY hurt your teeth.
Reply:cause ur grinding ur teeth. i recomend you buy a night guard or even a mouth guard from walmart will work if u want somthing cheap
Reply:In addition to grinding, you could also be clenching your teeth at night.

A night guard is the way to go.
Reply:You are grinding or clenching.

I found I used to clench my teeth hard when I had a migraine - and I would do it in my sleep especially and not realize it... OUCH!

Go see your dentist - he'll be able to tell by looking at your teeth. If you are grinding - you'll want a night guard to protect your teeth so you don't grind them flat over time and cause lots of pain and eventually jaw and TMJ issues. Clenching can also cause TMJ issues -- sometimes finding out what causes the clenching can help - for me it was the pain - so getting rid of the headaches made me quit clenching. If it's due to stress - reducing stress could help you....

good luck!

Chest pressure, bottem teeth hurt, headache??

This isnt the first time that this has happened just sitting around..

I'm sitting here at my lap top and all of a sudden my chest feels pressurized , my bottem teeth start to have the feeling as if they were coming loose (which there not) and after that i get a headache. anybody have any idea what the reasoning could be behind this???

Chest pressure, bottem teeth hurt, headache??
You need to see a doctor and soon.
Reply:My first guess is cardiac. You may have coronary artery disease, Report It

Reply:idk but it could be serious. See a doctor ASAP.
Reply:Sounds a bit like heartburn or an esophageal spasm.
Reply:chest pressure...jaw pain...those could be warnings of a heart problem. Even a small heart attack is possible...see the doc please.....
Reply:Call 911 you are having a posterior wall infarction (heart attack) these are some classic symptoms, along with neck pain or pain between the shoulder blades.

Seriously, my dad almost died when he had his first, and this sounds JUST like it.

Reply:It might be a heartattack. Or mabey not. But go see a doctor immediatley.
Reply:See the doctor. Sounds like you may have migraines or other nervous problems. It might even be brought on by the repetition of working on a computer.
Reply:heart attack symptoms - -go to ER - do you also start to perspire and maybe have a sudden urge to urinate - go now
Reply:sounds like its stress or anxiety related to me....
Reply:Everybody is correct that you need to go to the ER...these are signs of heart problems. You might have a blockage in one or more of your arteries. Please quit reading YAHOO and go get it checked out...NOW.
Reply:You are showing all the signs of a heart problem. Chest pain..or heart pain presents itself in areas like lower jaw shoulder arms etc.

It could be any other problem too.... if you are over 25 ....

Go see a DOCTOR now.
Reply:Take a couple of aspirin right away and then call an ambulance or second best get someone to take you to the ER.

You know what these are symptoms of by now, don't you?

If your just messing with our minds then so be it. If not, then take care of yourself NOW!
Reply:yes go to the doctors as soon as you can.

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Why do my teeth hurt while i got braces on?

it feels like my teeth have thinned out and are aching like hell . What food shall i eat and is there any medication that can stop the aching

Why do my teeth hurt while i got braces on?
Eat soft food like mashed potatoes, pudding, ice cream, apple sauce. Your teet are hurting because the braces are moving their postion. You can take ibuprofen it really helps with that. The pain will ease up by tomorrow.
Reply:yes there is clove oil tastes yucchh for a while but numbs the pain very quickly and you can eat as normal then but they should not hurt that much so check back with your orthodontist and explain they will be able to help you I'm sure i do know that the brace is therefor a purpose IE changing the shape of you teeth straightening etc so some pain is unavoidable but excessive pain is not the norm so get it checked as for food as long as its not to strong IE boiled sweets then you should be able to eat fairly normally hope this helps
Reply:I remember those days. Your teeth will ache because the brace will be pulling or pushing them out of their usual position. I remember very well how painful it is. Aspirin is very good for tooth ache, which is basically what you have.

Soft foods will be best, but nothing sticky, it'll be hell to get it off your brace. I once got chewing gum wedged in mine and it took all day to pick it out. If you have a food processor you could probably eat just about anything really, if you can mash it up really well.

Eventually your teeth will stop hurting, honest, but it could take a while.
Reply:oooo yes i had that when i was 15!

your teeth are moving!

mine felt like they were bruised!!

have some nice soup or something!

Have you just had them tightened? if so it should wear off in a couple of days or so!

good luck
Reply:its common to have pain after activation of braces because of pressure effecting on the bone and tissues around the tooth. those constant pressure result in the movement of the can take paracetamol with the permission of your can have warm saline gargle to ease the pain..

Eating the wrong foods can damage or even break your brace. For the first few days, it may be better to keep to soft foods. whether you have a removable or a fixed brace you should avoid sticky, chewy and sugary foods. Chewing-gum is not recommended as it can stick to your brace. Avoid hard foods such as whole apples, carrots, French bread and crusty rolls. These foods could break the orthodontic wires and brackets.

At first it is best to cut your food into small pieces and keep to a soft diet. Food may build up in the brackets and in between your teeth and will need careful cleaning to remove it.

Avoid fizzy drinks and natural fruit juices as these are often high in sugar and can be acidic. This can lead to tooth decay and erosion. Fizzy drinks can also stain the orthodontic brackets. If you do drink fizzy drinks, avoid constant sipping of the drink and use a straw. Water and plain milk are the safest drinks.
Reply:your orthodontist should have told you all this..
Reply:What you are feeling is where the teeth are shifting back into their normal position. You can take any over the counter pain reliever to stop the aching. As for the foods, Stay away from any crunchy, gummy, sticky, or chewy foods, as these can cause the bands and wires to bend or break loosening up the braces. Also do not eat ice (same reason as crunchy foods).
Reply:yea i had braces and my mouth realy ached and couldnt chew for ages, and just as soon as dint hurt no more i had to back to dentist to get brace tightened and then i hurt again, i guess you just have to put up with it and eat soft food....... yea

If you were I high school girl, would you rather go toothless or have ugly buck teeth that hurt all the time?

I'm 15 and I had option "B"(ugly buck teeth that hurt), but I decided to go with option"A" after a lot of them got loose and I lost some front ones. Which would you choose? Why? Oh, yeah, no dental coverage and not a lot of money, so we didn't have many choices that were anything close to affordable. Hope to get some fake teeth in the spring maybe.

If you were I high school girl, would you rather go toothless or have ugly buck teeth that hurt all the time?
Bless your heart. I honestly feel for you. When I was in high school, I didn't have perfect teeth either, and my family didn't have insurance or anything, and my Mom was the only one that worked because my Dad was disabled. There was 6 in our family. Us kids all got jobs at early ages. Just tell anybody that asks or makes fun of you (hopefully noone will, that is cruel) that you are having dental work done, and hopefully before long your problems will be fixed. AND REMIND THEM THAT THEY AREN'T PERFECT EITHER. Some peoples imperfections are on the inside and other people's are on the outside.
Reply:well I am fourteen and i have large two front teeth and I still get alot of girls at school. Whatever you do do not go toothless and you will eventually be able to get dentures. Report It

Reply:You're in high school?... Oh my god... Send me your email, that is so sad, I would honestly pay for your teeth.

I'm serious, that's not a joke.
Reply:Toothless is scary....but buck teeth is embarrassing. Can't choose. Hope i won't have to come to that terrible decision. I'm sorry about your teeth though.
Reply:Being a Professional Fluffer may be your best shot.
Reply:I am so sorry for you. Was that a result of an illness? Maybe you can get coverage if it was side effect of a medication or treatment. I just hope it's not a result of bad dental hygiene- that's just sad.

Toothless is slightly better because you can have fake teeth put in.
Reply:If it was very painful I would opt to not having them. That is a hard decision. Hopefully you will have some fake ones soon.
Reply:i would hate to have to make that decision. sorry about your teeth and take that person up on their offer to buy you some dentures
Reply:Honey, if you have Medicaid (or your family can apply for it), many dentists take it and may be able to pay for your teeth.
Reply:try not to listen to the a**holes that make fun of you and make the best of what you is a garden, dig it....
Reply:don't worry, honey ----- you will sooner or later get dentures, and they don't make them "buck". When you do, you might ask them to make small imperfections so they will look more real.
Reply:Are you thpeaking to me?
Reply:Do not pull your teeth if you can help it. If it is money you need to get them fixed I know someone personally very rich that gives money away for things like this.
Reply:Why would buck teeth hurt?

I had buck teeth up until middle school when I finally got braces. It was the BRACES that hurt!
Reply:Are you in the U.S? If so, could you get on Medi-cal? I am not sure how it works, but you could probably qualify, and let state pay for fthem. - I wish you luck.
Reply:i would go toothless
Reply:I would say toothless, but I hope I never have to go through that. I'm sorry.

Why do my teeth hurt after I eat a lot of candy?

They only hurt when I chew something. After a day or two without eating anymore candy the pain will go away.

Why do my teeth hurt after I eat a lot of candy?
You may have decay and the sugar is getting into the holes in your teeth and making them sensitive...see your dentist...
Reply:Go see your dentist. You might have a cavity.
Reply:Because the sugar is eating away at the enamel! STOP IT!

Do NOTT brush your teeth soon after eating candy or drinking a lot of pop either, as that will wear away the enamel even quicker. You should either wait... or wash your mouth out with water first! Happy teeth rotting to ya!
Reply:I get the exact same thing!!! I'd like to know too.

I really like sweets so it really bugs me.
Reply:Same thing happens to me. Happening right now actually, Stupid halloween candy! I stop eating candy for a while, and brush my teeth extra good. You could have sensitive teeth, like me.

Why do wizdom teeth hurt so bad after they have been takin out?

i just got my wizdom teeth pulled and they had to break my jaw bone to get the bottom two out'

Why do wizdom teeth hurt so bad after they have been takin out?
And you're asking why it hurts?
Reply:Well, you answered your own question, they had to break your jaw.
Reply:Sounds like you're another victim of a total medical scam. Now, why would you let them sell you on the idea that you needed vital calcium deposites removed? Have you had your tonsils and gal bladder removed, too? : P
Reply:Yeah, they had to break your jaw.....also, wisdom teeth are very deep in your jaw. I had to go through surgery to get mine out.

baby shoes

Why do my teeth hurt when i chew gum?

when i chew gum for a little while my teeth on one side start to ache REALLY bad. I don't have insurance so i really dont know what to do.

Why do my teeth hurt when i chew gum?
You either have a cavity or sensitive teeth. I'd recommend trying to use a sensitive tooth toothpaste, like Sensodyne, and see if that doesn't help.

If you are already using a product for sensitive teeth, you might wish to stop chewing sugary gum, and try sugarless gum, instead.

Finally, if your teeth hurt, you need to see the dentist. Many dentists are willing to work with their patients, financially, so see if yours will allow you to make payments, since you are self-paying.

Good luck!
Reply:your teeth are sensitive to sugar try a sugarless gum.
Reply:It might be a cavity. If the pain is really bad it might havereached the root and you will have to get your toot/teeth removed. so get it checked out because living without those teeth would be bad.
Reply:There could be a lot of different things that are wrong with your tooth. The best thing to do is see a dentist. Any dentist can figure out the problem fairly easily. If cost is a concern to you, I would suggest that you go to a local dental school. The fees are typically half of what a private practice dentist charges.

Hope this helps,

Dr. T

How long will my teeth hurt? root canal?

It's been 3 days and it hurts a lot. cant bite on it.

it feels almost itchy..tingly.

How long can expect it to hurt for?

How long will my teeth hurt? root canal?
Do NOT wait. You have to get it done anyway, so do it sooner rather than later to avoid unnecessary expenses as well as more complications. Get it done and over with. It's not as bad as you think. It's like a regular filling, but takes a little longer to do. Also make sure you go to an endodontist. Don't let your dentist do a root canal. The endodontists do a million of these every week and can do them with their eyes closed. It's easy, but expensive. Make an appointment today so it's done before the weekend. You don't want to be in excruciating pain over a weekend with dentist offices closed.

OOHHHH!!!! Sorry edit ( I thought you needed a root canal):


I just read your details. OK, GOOD have what's called a high crown. Just go to your dentist and have him recheck your bite. Tell him the crown is way too high and he'll fix it.

I've had this before. The pain from biting down can bring tears to your eyes. It's easily fixed and he won't even charge you anything to adjust. Call him today.
Reply:ummmm go to the dentist and get it removed or buy some teeth medicen
Reply:call and ask your dentist. that doesn-t sound normal.
Reply:it shouldn't hurt that long , call your dentest
Reply:I've had a root canal done before. It was sore on the day but more or less back to normal the next day after some medication and a good nights sleep. I would go back to the dentist and have it re-checked. You could have developed a slight infection, if its still not better I would get a second opinion. As your dentist has already done the root canal he really has to be put it correct - with no extra charge by the way.
Reply:i had a root canal done on one of my molars. i'm traumatized. no actually it didn't hurt that long. just like that day, my whole jaw was sore, my gums were numb, it did hurt when i'd bite down, but i didn't eat anything for that day because that's what the dentist told me. but if you're still feeling some sort of aching and it hurts when you bite on it, you should go see the dentist. pretty much the best thing you can do. good luck :)

My wisdom teeth hurt real bad.?

I can't get them pulled for another 10 days. Does anyone have any ideas on what will get me through this? I have been taking Advil but they still hurt. The dentist said they have really big cavaties on them.

My wisdom teeth hurt real bad.?
I am so sorry you have to go through this! I hope I can help, atleast a little bit.

Since these teeth have big cavities in them it may be possible that they are abcessed (infected). If this is the case, place a hot washcloth on the area to disperse the infection. Do Not apply cold to this area.

This may ease some of your discomfort.

Another suggestion is to place a topical anesthetic directly on the sensitive areas. Orajel is a good one. Just don't apply too much or it will make your throat numb as well and cause more unneeded discomfort. To apply the topical....dry off the area where you will be applying the gel. Use a Q-Tip to apply (minimally).

The advil may not work if you are taking the suggested bottle dose. It is OK to take more than recommended in your case. 3 or 4 should do the trick. The reason why they post a low dosage is to prevent problems in people who ALWAYS take this medication. If you are unsure of my suggestion. Call the dentist and ask if he can write you a prescription for Ibuprofen. The dose should be the same as 3 or 4 tablets. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammitory and should help a little. You can also ask for a pain killer script. Just be careful not to over do it.
Reply:Try switching to another painkiller, sometimes Aleve or regular Tylenol works better for some people. You could try stopping by the dentist office to see if they can give you a perscription for something stronger like Tylenol # 2 with Codeine. They might if they understand the situation.
Reply:Try Tylenol if you have or Midol (really)...Anbesol is to numb the gums, but if you apply it to the area where the wisdom teeth are it may relieve some pain....

Good luck.

Which wisdom teeth hurt more to have pulled?

I only have two wisdom teeth and they're both on the bottom. None on the top. They're coming in straight but I have a real small jaw and had braces. I'm 16

Which wisdom teeth hurt more to have pulled?
i'm sorry,but the bottom. it is easier for the hole on the top to drain. been there, done that and i lived!!!!!
Reply:if there symmetrical to each other, then i would say that it will probably hurt equally for shouldn't be so bad if they do it very fast....
Reply:I would say that the bottom hurt worse then the top
Reply:The bottom ones for sure get most of the aftermath. I didn't notice a thing with my top ones because they can drain properly, which is what leads to the bottom ones not healing up as well.
Reply:The top ones are the worst IMO because they are so close to the sinus cavity and I can't have one removed because it is just too risky that they will puncture it
Reply:I had all of mine pulled at once so I can't help ya there. I doubt there is any difference.
Reply:well you'll feel after affects but they should give you pain meds.
Reply:Get them all done at the same time. Then you have the pain and when your better your better. I really do not know if there is a difference in pain.


Did your wisdom teeth hurt when coming through?

mine are growing and 1 is fully grown, 2 are still coming through. I don't actually feel it (not yet anyway) but I hear that it hurts for most people. Did it hurt for you and how much?!

Did your wisdom teeth hurt when coming through?
It depends on the direction of which they are comming from. If they are errupting at an angle, and pushing on other teeth they can be painful. Most of the pain that people experience from wisdom teeth are when they have them extracted. There are certain procedures that must be followed and sometimes you can get what is commonly known as a dry socket, where the bone in your jaw is exposed and that is VERY painful. If they are errupting, and you are feeling no pain that's great. If you do experience some pain, and are not planning on having them extracted, you can simply take some asprin to relieve the pain.
Reply:They did not hurt me at all...they simply grew painlessly...
Reply:I never even knew when my wisdom teeth came in. They came in perfectly straight with plenty of room. Some of us are just lucky :-)
Reply:I only had one actual break through the gums. And yes, it hurt. Not "pain" but a nagging throb. I felt my other teeth moving forward gradually over 6 months. I just got all of my wisdoms removed and I can already tell a difference in the pressure on my other teeth.

I think anyone would feel pain with a wisdom tooth breaking through the gums...babies cry when they teethe...why shouldn't we? :-)

My pain would come and go. Sometimes I wouldn't feel anything for months and then it got bad with my upper left. I saw my dentist, he referred me to my oral surgeon and VIOLA no more wisdom teeth :-)

Good luck!

P.S. I recommend getting them removed before it become a problem or an issue. Ta Ta!
Reply:See a dentist!

Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually appear between the ages of 18 and 20 (although they may appear when older, younger, or fail to appear at all). They are called "wisdom teeth" because they appear so late—much later than the other teeth, at an age where people are supposedly wiser than as a child, when the other teeth erupt. Often they need to be removed when they impact against other teeth—colloquially known as "coming in sideways."

Wisdom teeth are often impacted, meaning they are covered by soft tissue (gums), hard tissue (bone) or both. Just as with any extraction, once teeth are removed, the body starts the process of healing the extraction site, via inflammation (sending cells, nutrients and proteins to the site of the wound) and wound healing (organizing all those things into a matrix and eventually filling in the socket). Unfortunately, inflammation hurts, and that's why there's ibuprofen- over the counter is fine, but usually your dentist will give you something stronger (by prescription).

If the teeth are in your mouth (erupted), the surgical procedure will go more smoothly (most of the time), than if they are impacted, in which case more gum tissue has to be pushed around, and possibly some bone removed to get the teeth out. One last thing about 3rd molars- they are like the wild cards of molars. They can tilt all different ways, and have roots that twist in different directions. Bottom line- the more hard and soft tissue (bone and gums) that have to be disturbed to remove the tooth, the more complicated the surgery, the more healing there is, and the more pain. Make sure you ask your dentist for pain meds that are appropriate for the level of impaction that the wisdom teeth had.

For a very good article on wisdom teeth, visit:



My ears & teeth hurt!?

I have had a cold for 8 days now, it seems to be getting worse, it started normal with a runny nose and alot of coughing at night, but now it's my runny nose, coughing, and I am having a pressure feeling in my ears and alot of pain in my teeth. Is this normal??? What is going on, should I go to my doctor???

My ears %26amp; teeth hurt!?
Pain is always a sign that something is wrong. You may have an upper respiratory infection. However, since it has been going on for several days and worsening, this is a clear sign that you should seek medical help. You just cannot be too careful. Also, the pain in the ears and teeth indicates that the nerves are sensitive and irritated. These nerves are actually connected to each other. So that explains why they are both hurting. Don't self treat. Seek professional help. You owe it to yourself. Good luck.
Reply:go to your doctor...sounds like you have a sinus infection :( feel better!
Reply:You may have acute sinusitis! Read about it at

Only your physician can determine whether this will resolve on its own (the common cold is a rhinovirus, which means antibiotics won't affect it) or whether it may be a secondary bacterial infection that does need antibiotics.

If your sinus drainage is colored (yellow, white, brown, red) you may have a secondary bacterial infection. It may be time to see your physician!
Reply:This is abnormal.

For cough you should take all hot foods/drinks.

Tea/coffie without milk and sugar is good.

Boiled/steamed pulses, sprouts, salads and vegis will help you.

Avoid all fruits, milk, sweets, fats and stale bakery foods.

Your problem is due to excessive coldness energy of kidneys(as per science of acupuncture).

Kidneys are related to ear, bones, teeth and joints. Coldness energy creates pain. HENCE YOU ARE GETTING IT.

There is no medicine for almost all painful diseases. Hence they become chronic.

Acidity, WORRY, sadness, excessive wind, cold , heat, sour food and sinusitis, constipation, intestinal inflammation; drug side effects, stress, bad smell, TV %26amp; COMPUTER SOMETIMES,

Blockage in the flow of Vital Energy are their causes. None of them can be treated with medicine. Our 90% success in treating ALL PAINS confirms it.

Acupuncture is the ONLY best treatment.

Pain killers don't treat the pain but we loose the sense of pain for some time; in that duration our body itself treats sometime and credit goes to meds.

These useless drugs have enormous power to create hazardous side effects like liver/kidney failure, ulcer, acidity adn lot others.



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Preggo and teeth hurt everyday since......?

I am preggo and every single night my teeth ache. Most of the time it is either all of the top right or left side of my mouth taking turns each night. I use tylenol when I can not stand it but it barely touches the pain. I don not see any cavities or anything in my mouth. I know only a dentist can tell. However, it started right when I got pregnant. Has anyone been through or known someone who went through this?

Preggo and teeth hurt everyday since......?
Calcium is NOT taken from your teeth. Teeth are NOT bone and do not have this ability.

Go to a dentist and have your teeth checked. Xrays are OK because modern Xray machines are very focused (collimated) and the radiation will not get as far as your abdomen.
Reply:It could be calcium depletion! Are you taking a calcium supplement? Almonds and broccoli are the best sources of natural calcium.

My teeth were unaffected during my first pregnancy, but 2 %26amp; 3 sent me to the dentist! Try switching to Sensodyne, or something similar (check with your OB-GYN first)- which replaces or "packs" the small pores in your teeth due to calcium depletion, until your body replaces it with calcium.

Good luck!
Reply:Nerves in the body are all connected all it takes is one nerve someplace silly to hit another nerve and cause pain in a different area of the body. I don't know what is causing your teeth pain but I bet it doesnt even have anything to do with the teeth them selves.
Reply:are you sure it is tooth pain or could it be gum pain. I have heard of pregnancy gingivitis. It is very common and it comes from hormone fluctuation. It is important to get whatever it is looked at and keep your mouth as clean as possible.

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