Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why do my teeth hurt and why are my gums puffy?

I went to the dentist a month ago and the dentist said i had the start of gum recession because I was brushing wrong. So now I use an electric toothbrush at the recommendation of my dentist. I started flossing a month ago also. But recently my gums look really puffy. Also, my teeth are hurting. Could my electric toothbrush brushing be bad for my teeth? I also have what feels like a canker sore down in the valley between my gums and the start of my cheek. I think it is because I was eating pretzels yesterday and the salt scratched it and now it is a little swollen.

Am i doing something wrong?

Why do my teeth hurt and why are my gums puffy?
Reply:Go back to the dentist, you might be brushing TOO hard and you might have gum disease.
Reply:Did he say anything about gingivitus (sp?) puffy red gums are a sign, and if you just starting flossing and haven't been doing it already then that may be it.
Reply:First off you should not only be bushing your teeth but your gums and tongue. You should always floss and bush atleast 3 times a day or when you get up and go to bed. You should also invest in some mouth wash, preferrably listerine and gargle why your at it, REALLY REALLY GOOD!!!! It kills the germs!
Reply:Wha t you want to do is to call your dentist, tell him yur symptoms and then try using a diffrent type of floss/toothpaste, it could be that you are allergic to the chemicals/ingrediants in them. Did you rinse the electric brush after you first opened it? With the newer brushes there have been problems because asomething might have gotten onto it in the factory before they packaged it. Try that and if it doesnt work do what ever the dentist tells you too!
Reply:Wow... you might have gingivites or however you spell it. I would start brushing my teeth 2 or 3 times a day, flossing every other day and rinsing everyday with listerine. Listerine always helped whatever problem i had with my mouth. I know it will burn like crazy so mix a little water in it and keep it in your mouth as lond as you can stand it. The burning is actually all the germs being killed. you might have something seriously wrong with your teeth and gums. but try that first and then go to your dentist for help. Also rinsing with salt water helps heal your gums if the listerine doesn't tend to help. Good luck...
Reply:better u stop brushing so that ur teeth wont get hurt or else replace ur teeth by artificial one so u can take them out when ever u feel the pain.
Reply:Sounds like gingivitis or worse it might be periodontitis. Go back to your dentist.
Reply:For healthy teeth brushing and flossing is necessary, but not enough.

You have to understand that the teeth and gums are an integral part of your body. If your teeth aren't healthy, this indicates that your body isn't truly healthy.

Dental health always indicates body health.

So, good teeth are essentially built through good nutrition, and this means avoiding the harmful processed and refined foods and including the natural foods such as raw and fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seed and sprouts.

To have a healthy mouth, put healthy food into it.

An optimum diet can prevent over 95% of all dental problems, and a regular cleansing program (brushing, flossing) can just about solve the rest.
Reply:dentist offices and waiting rooms no longer smell like a dentist's office

the smell of medicine like it used to...

and they are more soundproof -so you do not hear people screaming from pain -like you used to- so being afraid of the dentist isn't as common as it once was- but -the prices$are so high------ it keeps people away...-----

that is why people are toothless these days it is a dental appoinment versus having some cash..

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