Monday, May 17, 2010

My Wisdom Teeth hurt?

i am 16 and my back right gums hurt really bad like i cant even bite down. do i need them pulled and i am deathly afraid of dentist (i know its bad) but will it hurt ?

My Wisdom Teeth hurt?
Unfortunately this will not be good news for you. For most people, yes, having wisdom teeth pulled results in some post-surgical pain. The lowers are usually worse than the uppers. In many cases the teeth are impacted or otherwise difficult to remove and must be broken out in pieces.

Fortunately you are usually asleep during the actual extraction. But you will likely have post-surgical swelling and discomfort. It's not horrible screaming torture kind of pain, don't get me wrong. It's kind of a medium level ache, like if you sprained your finger. They do give you pain pills, though, and it doesn't take long to recover. In the end you will be glad to have them gone, because the pain you're having now will be over.
Reply:Why? They'll probably give you some crazy drugs, thats all the persuasion i need to go to the dentist.


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