Saturday, May 15, 2010

My teeth really hurt. Please help?

My 2 front teeth on the bottom of my mouth hurt like hell. Do you know the feeling of eating something really cold and your teeth get that tingling throbbing feeling? I woke up this morning with that continuous feeling, even after I brushed with toothpaste for sensitive teeth. I am so worried because I have no idea what it could be and it hurts so much. My mom is going to make me a dentists appointment but I want some kind of an idea. I'm 13.

My teeth really hurt. Please help?
i use a little peroxide when i brush,and it's a good whitener too
Reply:Well it could be a cavity. If not, I have found that daily rinsing with ACT flouride rinse works wonders for sensitive teeth. It may take a couple of weeks but it really works. I think even better than sensydyne toothpaste.
Reply:I've got sensitive front teeth too (bottom 5 front - yes I have extra). I get a protective coating done at the dentist every 2-3 years. It really helps. The sensitive teeth toothpaste doesn't help me at all. Also use Listerine with Flouride, it helps protect teeth against further deterioration.
Reply:Have those teeth encountered any kind of trauma? Often in teenagers, severe pain surrounding front teeth are from previous trauma such as getting hit in the mouth during sports, or falling on your mouth. Otherwise, I would say you probably have a cavity but you should have noticed a slight sensitivity that just got worse not all of the sudden pain. Good luck hope it's a quick fix for you!
Reply:Have you been using teeth whiteners, like the Whitestrips?

Those are notorious for causing tooth sensitivity, especially if overused. Just a thought.
Reply:Hope this link helps you with all information regarding your teeth.Try out for more details.

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