Friday, May 21, 2010

OMG! My teeth hurt! What can i do?...?

I have 3 teeth in really rough shape. The pain is excruciating and getting to be quite unbearable. Between the bills, living expenses, and no dental insurance, I am unable to afford the dental care I need. There must be something i can do. Any suggestions?

OMG! My teeth hurt! What can i do?...?
If the teeth are sensitive to cold only (i.e. when you breath in cold air or eat ice cream or drink cold beverages) you may get by with keeping your teeth very clean (brush 2-3x/day and floss AT LEAST 3-5x/week) and using a sensitivity toothpaste like sensodyne.

If your teeth are aching and throbbing or hurt when you tap on them or bite on something, you may have one or more abscesses which may require root canal or extraction (pulling the teeth).

I'm sorry that you are having a hard time getting in to see a dentist. If there is a dental school nearby you may be able to get very inexpensive care there or free care depending on your qualifications for financial assistance from your state (such as medicaid).

Good luck.
Reply:you can wash your mouth out with warm water and salt. I'm sorry there really is nothing you can do except take pain pills take a chance of getting addicted to them or just break down and have them pulled
Reply:go to a pharmacy and see if anyone can suggest any medicine or over the counter products. Continue cleaning out your mouth daily- brush with a clean toothbrush, floss, mouthwash and drink a lot of water. If nothing helps consider taking a loan..
Reply:take pain pills and soak your mouth out with warm water maybe you have cavities go the the dentist and ask him/her
Reply:have your family pay for your dental work iment either one of your parents help you
Reply:well another option is to go to a community dental college and sign up for a viewing and maybe some work by the dental students its alot cheaper then anyother dentist office
Reply:Rinse your mouth with peroxide. My husband swears by it.

Also, you may want to research in your area, dental students who will work on teeth for about 10% of normal dental billing costs. They are supervised by mentors.

Another suggestion is to research the many dental discount programs,various dentist accept. The membership is fairly reasonable ( about $10 a month) however dental procedures are almost cut in half. With age, your teeth only worsen no matter how many times you brush or floss. You can take care of one tooth at a time, your dentist can work up a treatment plan to meet your financial needs.
Reply:I'm taking animal grade tetracycline (at your local feed store) for 2 months. It keeps down the infection that causes pain. Tax time I will fly to Mexico and have them all out ( only 14 left). Then get new teeth. Mexico is about $300 with new teeth. Implants too.

U.S. Dentist are money hungry parasites.
Reply:you should go dentist office and tell them your teeth is hurt.
Reply:Some cities have health departments for low income families. See if were you live has one. They have free and very inexpensive dental care.
Reply:Sounds like you need the bad ones out. If there is a dental school in your area they have lower prices. You might also want to take out one at a time and cut the cost. The longer you wait and more broken down they are the more it will cost you. Maybe you can make payments before you have the work done. If you rinse with peroxide please dilute not use it full strength. But, this will not get rid of any infection if you have one. Just keep checking with diff. offices! Good Luck!

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