Monday, May 17, 2010

My teeth hurt almost all the time?

It's usually between my jaw clicking or tensing up, and my actual teeth feeling like they're moving and just being sore. I had my wisdom teeth removed a little over a year ago so I'm doubting that could have anything to do with it, I could be wrong, however.

I also have a mouth guard that I usually use at night for grinding my teeth, but I haven't been using it as often as I still get headaches and it gives me dry mouth :( I plan to make an appointment with my dentist but I'm just wondering if anyone has an idea as to what's wrong with me? Thanks in advance.

My teeth hurt almost all the time?
talk to you're dentist and see if there's anything that could be done to help relieve the pain
Reply:Sounds to me like it definitely has to do with your jaw. I have experienced this kind of pain for over a decade. You really need to wear your mouth guard every night. I have also found that it has quite alot to do with your neck. Be careful of the positions you put your neck in. Do not use a pillow that is too flat or too puffy, etc. Seeing a chiropractor could help, mine certainly did.
Reply:Well it has to be the mouth guard. If you are not taking any teeth medications or anything the most likely reason is the mouth guard. You should check with your dentist about this because you might have some sort of reaction to the mouth guard which could be serious. Hope this helps ;)
Reply:Your grinding your teeth is probably causing your sensitivity and not wearing your guard could be making it worse. If the guard isn't comfortable take it with you to DDS %26amp; he can adjust it. It also sound like you may have TMJ (temporomandibular joint

disorder) evidenced by the clicking.

For sensitive teeth try Sensodyne or Biotene toothpaste.
Reply:i really have no idea. but i hope u get better
Reply:for some, wisdom teeth have been known to come back
Reply:Not a dental expert, but it could be the bone that holds your teeth in place maybe reseeding(however you spell the damn word,lol). Its a serious thing if not taken care of, proper brushing and flawsing are the key to pervernting it, but then again it just maybe genetics. check with your dentist, cause if it goes on unchecked you'll be the youngest person i know with false teeth.

Broken Teeth

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