Friday, May 21, 2010

How long will my teeth hurt? root canal?

It's been 3 days and it hurts a lot. cant bite on it.

it feels almost itchy..tingly.

How long can expect it to hurt for?

How long will my teeth hurt? root canal?
Do NOT wait. You have to get it done anyway, so do it sooner rather than later to avoid unnecessary expenses as well as more complications. Get it done and over with. It's not as bad as you think. It's like a regular filling, but takes a little longer to do. Also make sure you go to an endodontist. Don't let your dentist do a root canal. The endodontists do a million of these every week and can do them with their eyes closed. It's easy, but expensive. Make an appointment today so it's done before the weekend. You don't want to be in excruciating pain over a weekend with dentist offices closed.

OOHHHH!!!! Sorry edit ( I thought you needed a root canal):


I just read your details. OK, GOOD have what's called a high crown. Just go to your dentist and have him recheck your bite. Tell him the crown is way too high and he'll fix it.

I've had this before. The pain from biting down can bring tears to your eyes. It's easily fixed and he won't even charge you anything to adjust. Call him today.
Reply:ummmm go to the dentist and get it removed or buy some teeth medicen
Reply:call and ask your dentist. that doesn-t sound normal.
Reply:it shouldn't hurt that long , call your dentest
Reply:I've had a root canal done before. It was sore on the day but more or less back to normal the next day after some medication and a good nights sleep. I would go back to the dentist and have it re-checked. You could have developed a slight infection, if its still not better I would get a second opinion. As your dentist has already done the root canal he really has to be put it correct - with no extra charge by the way.
Reply:i had a root canal done on one of my molars. i'm traumatized. no actually it didn't hurt that long. just like that day, my whole jaw was sore, my gums were numb, it did hurt when i'd bite down, but i didn't eat anything for that day because that's what the dentist told me. but if you're still feeling some sort of aching and it hurts when you bite on it, you should go see the dentist. pretty much the best thing you can do. good luck :)

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