Monday, May 17, 2010

My teeth hurt 2 weeks after getting cavities filled...?

on the left side of my mouth. Prior to getting them filled, the left side did not hurt in the slightest, but somehow there were supposedly 3 cavities. I get the feeling that my dentist not only filled cavities that didn't exist, but also did damage while he was in there that is causing lasting pain. What should I do?

My teeth hurt 2 weeks after getting cavities filled...?
Well first of all, cavities only hurt once they get really big and through to the nerve. It's very common for people to have small cavities which they know nothing about, and most people are glad that their dentist picks them up and treats them, rather than leaving them to get worse.

Secondly, your bite might be off now that you've had fillings, in other words, the teeth with fillings might now be slightly taller than they were before, and so are coming into contact with their opposite teeth earlier than any of the other teeth, which will cause pain. It's fairly common - just go back to your dentist, they'll get you to bite down on some contact paper a few times and if your bite is wrong they'll grind down the fillings a bit.
Reply:Go to another dentist and get him to tell you whats going on, if your dentist did any extra work he wasn't supposed to.
Reply:there mist have been some infection blocked by filling and it starts spreading so pain better go back to dentist
Reply:I'm soo sorry for the toothache u are still enduring...Its a quite a dilemma.

It could be that the dentist has filled the cavity too tight that it is pressing the nerve, that can be a problem when the tooth was way damaged.

Or that there is an infection, after the antibiotics wear off, you feel the pain too. In any case u'll have to get to another dentist as the previous one will never admit wht went wrong.

Good luck and dont wait, go to another dentist asap

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