Friday, May 21, 2010

One of my teeth hurts when I eat/drink anything hot or cold. It doesn't hurt at any other time though?

I've tried Sendodyne toothpaste for 2 years now, but the tooth is still the same. Does anyone know why my tooth is like this and if anyone knows what more I can do?

One of my teeth hurts when I eat/drink anything hot or cold. It doesn't hurt at any other time though?
Firstly, try rinsing out your mouth with five drops of some pure essential clove oil mixed in half a cup of luke warm water. Buy the oil from a health shop its not exspensive.

If the actual problem is further down then you may need to see your dentist, it maybe that you need Root Canal Treatment.

You could go into your chemist and explain to them the problem and that youve tried sensodyne. Just say to them you would like to try something else BEFORE you go to the dentist. See then if they will advise you with something to try.
Reply:sounds liek it has decay, you nedd the dentist to fill it up for you
Reply:sounds like damaged nerve endings in tooth. it wont repair itself so a visit to dentist seems inevitable.go on,grit your teeth and bear it,it wont cause you half as much discomfort as your obviously suffering at the moment.
Reply:I had the same problem (though i was in mongolia at the time and so it also hurt when i breathed in as the air was so cold - it was awful!) and when i went to the dentist it turned out i needed some root canal treatment. I would make an appointment with your dentist, as you may well need a filling/root canal.
Reply:its a trip to the dentist for you i am afraid. was gonna suggest sensodyne but just saw you used it already. it must need work doing somewhere there is prob a hole.
Reply:i would have your dentist check it out just to be sure. i have the same problem with cold. my dentist told me it is not uncommon. as you age your gums recede an expose some nerve endings. better to be safe and have it checked out though.
Reply:Your tooth has become sensitive. increase ur calcium and Vitamin C intake if its in initial stage otherwise dentis will cover it with gold so that u don't feel pain. meanwhile u can use a tooth paste for sensitive teeth which are available over the counter. but do consult ur dentist.

Keep Smiling.
Reply:It sounds like you might have a crack letting fluid leak down to the root nerve.

My Husband has perfect teeth and about 3 years ago this same thing happened and we found out somehow he had fractured a molar. It had to be pulled. But that was just his.

But you need to see a dentist to have it xrayed to see what the problem might be. It might be able to be repaired and crowned, if that is the problem.

Make an appointment. Otherwise it could cause decay and the lose of the entire tooth.

Good Luck.
Reply:Talk to a dentist. I had that for a long time and after a few years it got worse. My dentist gave me a root canal and it really worked, no more sore teeth at all.
Reply:As you can tell from the various answers already posted, the cause of your sensitivity could be many different things. One I haven't seen mentioned is toothbrush abrasion. It is simply brushing too hard, causing the tooth to be sensitive, just like a cavitiy would feel. Your dentist can address this problem, also. Since you've been dealing w/ this for 2 years, I assume you've not visited the dentist regularly. Make yourself an appointment for a cleaning and an exam.

If the cause of your sensitivity is decay, you probably have very little time left if a filling will solve the problem. Wait too long, and you may need a root canal. Very expensive.

Good luck to you!

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