Monday, May 17, 2010

My teeth hurt i got my braces tightened?

i got a chain but in i am so hungrey and tired of mashed potatoes i am going to a resturant called macoroni grill soon i love the chicken and beef burgers but i cant have them coz my teeth ach


My teeth hurt i got my braces tightened?
sorry to hear that hope it feels beter!!

btw- I send u an e-mail (ur yahoo answers account e-mail)
Reply:eat pudding icecream soup macaroni applesauce ... etcc good luck the pain will wear off in a few days
Reply:It happens after you get them tightened. It's nof un at all, take advil, it'll really help. Not tylenol, advil,it's ibprofien, and it will de-swell your gums a bit, youa res till able to eat hte burgers, you'll just have to cut them up and eat them with a fork and chew slowly.
Reply:Yea, they will hurt when they tighten them for about the first year. I've had braces and it's tempting seeing all that good food and I took my chances and it was definitely not worth it. Once they break, especially if you just got them on, your teeth will begin to go right back to the way they were before you got braces. Try eating pudding or jello. Once you get them off, you'll be so happy and you'll realize that it was worth it. Good Luck!
Reply:start taking ibuprofen now. if you're underage chekc with your parents but you can take up to 800mg every 6 to 8 hours and that will help with the pain enough to eat. Next time you get an adjustment start taking the ibuprofen as soon as you leave the ortho's office and you'll avoid the pian for the most part.
Reply:take an ibuprofen like advil or whatever, and when you eat cut your food into veryyy small pieces, it helps
Reply:just take ibuprofen or pain reliever before you go and you'll be fine!!

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