Monday, May 17, 2010

Do teeth extractions hurt? How about the initial numbing?

On Monday I'm going in to get four teeth extracted, and I've never had this procedure done before.

I was wondering how bad does it hurt?

How about the numbing part, with the needle and all?

Do teeth extractions hurt? How about the initial numbing?
ask them to put you to sleep, you won't fell no pain til afterwards
Reply:They might do 2 teeth on monday and 2 teeth another time for you...the only thing that 'hurts' when they put the needle in your gum. When they accualy pull your teeth, you don't feel a thing.
Reply:After having six teeth extracted because my mouth was overcrowded, I can say that the actual extraction process doesn't hurt at all. The numbing injection is just a tiny sting, it actually hurts less than one in your arm, although it hurts a little bit more if it's on the bottom jaw.

Good luck!
Reply:The needle will feel like a pinch or a bit harder than a pinch. You won't feel any pain while it is being extracted. But after the numbness wears off you are going to have pain in that area and it does hurt. I say give yourself Monday and Tuesday off so you can take asprin and sleep it off. It is going to feel like a really bad toothache.
Reply:its not much painfull. dentist will give an injection in your gums to make teeth and gums numb and then will extract teeth.

but after extration of teeth use liquid food mostly.
Reply:I had 2 needles in the roof of my mouth when he extracted 2 of my top teeth. That was the worst part.
Reply:be brave and take it like a man .. or a woman. and no it doesn't hurt. there's just a liitle sting with the needle but you'll get over that. and just think of this if they really need pulled then you're better off. i mean after all you must have a rreason for getting them jerked out ... right?
Reply:Don't worry at all. Enjoy the ride. You will be good and doped up for the day. When you wake up and the meds wear off you will be puffy like a chipmunk for about a week. Keep some applesauce, pudding, soup, etc. ready. Your mouth will be very tender for a few days and it may be hard to sleep. However the Dr. should prescribe something to ease your pain. Just don't get hooked on the stuff.
Reply:YES it does hurt i'm not kidding i had 4 of my teeth extracted eat before u have ur teeth extracted cuzz u cant eat the whole day when ur bleeding like crazy
Reply:yeah i agree with mcr luver the needle is the worst part and that barely hurts.

have fun!
Reply:Well, according to my brother (who had this done a month ago), it didn't hurt him at all. They deadened his whole face up practically, took a little pair of padded plier-looking things, reached in, wiggled his head a bit, and the tooth popped out nerve and all. I've heard from other friends as well that it didn't hurt them either. I guess it all depends on your pain tolerance level. Good luck!

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