Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why do my teeth hurt?

i just got back from the dentist a few hours ago and 2 of my teeth that are towards the front r hurting so bad that i cant chew on them. this is kinda weird cuz she said i didnt have any cavities and she also said that my teeth r really pretty. also, i dont have any new teeth growing in so it wouldnt be that either, any ideas on what this could be??ty

Why do my teeth hurt?
did they clean them? after a good cleaning sometimes they will hurt.
Reply:you have sensitive teeth.
Reply:Sounds like just an after effect of the dentist doing whatever procedure in your mouth.
Reply:maybe just some after-affects from the stuff your dentist put into your teeth.
Reply:Whoever cleaned your teeth might have irritated your gums, or (if you are a child) you might just have some new teeth growing in...
Reply:I would call your dentist and see what's up, or maybe try another dentist if you think they might have screwed something up.
Reply:ask dentist!!!
Reply:o.k, mabey when she was cleaning your teeth at the bottom she hit your gums...maybe you are a little sensitive....but thats o.k im a little bit 2!lol
Reply:Some dentists don't know thier own strength. I think some put a little too much "umphh" in thier cleaning and exam...mention it to the dentist. If he/she doesn't seem concerned, find a new who listens to you, otherwise you may end up with more dental problems than you had before you landed foot in the office.
Reply:numb gums? is it tender? OR you may have sensitive teeth, just eat smooth food for a while(food that dosnt require chewing) you will notice the pain will go away soon (1 day?)
Reply:are they on the top row? if your top row of teeth hurt it may be a sinus infection. silly as it sounds that is one of the symptoms. do you have allergies?

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