Monday, May 17, 2010

Teeth hurt from braces?

i just got a bunch of that orthondic treatment today. my orthodontist reshaped my teeth and put on braces at the bottom. two of my back teeth are "falling inwards" so he has to put those molar bands on those as well as my back molars to pull them up and im in terrible pain. ive taken an advil and tried to get some rest but nothing works. anyone have any suggestions? please and thank you :(

Teeth hurt from braces?
not a great answer... BUT

be happy your mom didn't try to make you feel better by making your favorite food - CORN ON THE COB!

I swear to god, my mom did this at least 4 times (in the 2 years I wore them) on the day I had my braces tightened.

I know it doesn't help alot, but maybe it'll bring a smile to your face (ouch! unless that hurts too)

You're definitely NOT alone in your grief/pain! This too shall pass?!?!!?

P.S. ;If not better tomorrow, call and ask for a prescription pain pill.
Reply:take another advil.

put something cold around your mouth.

take a sleeping pill

you need to sleep through the pain

if it's not too bad try changing your mind, like watching tv or read a book
Reply:try taking a regular doseage of ibuprofin like clockwork, every 6 hours, or as the package states. try placing a damp cloth in the freezer and just lightly chewing on it. i know it sounds childlike, but all i wanted to do was bite down really hard on something when i had braces. the pain and discomfort WILL go away after a few days. also try taking a pain reliever with a sleep aid for night time, youll need something to help you sleep through the night. good luck and i hope you feel better.

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