Saturday, May 15, 2010

What is it called when your teeth hurt when eating something sweet/sour etc?

It's a really weird feeling, I had it plenty of times and it's normally on the back teeth. It really hurts to eat; I thought it was called munchies but that's just food craving lol. I had it after eating pineapple, any ideas? ^_^

What is it called when your teeth hurt when eating something sweet/sour etc?
Poor Sweetie!


I get it too, it's literally called tooth sensitivity! I get it when I eat ice cream, drink drinks with ice cubes, or even eat spicy foods. I'll go one beyond your question and give you some suggestions! Sensodyne toothpaste rocks in helping protect against the sensitvity! Also, use straws with your drinks. You can also microwave ice cream for a few seconds to help cut down on the pain. I know exactly what you're going through. If this info. isn't enough, try visiting Web MD and they'll have even more suggestions! Good luck! There are even more ways to combat this discomfort!
Reply:Possibly tooth sensitivity. The acid in the pineapple could have aggravated it for you. You can buy special toothbrushes and toothpaste.
Reply:Sensitive Teeth, get some special toothpaste.
Reply:a sweet tooth
Reply:My sister in law is a dental receptionist and she used to suffer from sensitive teeth. Her boss told her to use sensodyne toothpaste and carry a small tube round in her bag and just to put it on with her finger after eating especially round the sensitive area.

She can crunch ice cubes without a second thought now!
Reply:you probably have sensitive teeth, the nerves are probably sensitive too try using that sensodyne toothpaste that helps with the pain
Reply:You have sensitive teeth, if this is a recent occurance then you probably have a small cavity.
Reply:you might have sensitive teeth, if it hurts to bite into ice cream then it's most likely to be sensitivity

it's always better to just go to the dentist and find out.

i had a tooth in the back of my mouth that had the same problem, i ignored it but it got worse, so eventually i had to go to the dentist because i was crying from pain, turned out i had some decay that had become so bad the it was exposing a nerve in my gum, the decay had gone through the whole tooth and i had to have the tooth removed.

Better safe than sorry, ask your dentist, if its just a sensitive tooth try sensodyne (spelling)
Reply:You are probably starting to get a cavity, I know that happened to me and eventually went away. I just kept brushing my teeth a lot and I think the cavity went away. I have braces and you really need to keep those teeth clean.

I hope this advice helps, Merry Christmas! :)

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