Monday, May 17, 2010

Can Lemons dissolve the enamel on my teeth or hurt my teeth in any other way?

I ate a half of a lemon and after I ate it, my lower front teeth started to hurt bad. I was wondering if it was the lemon that hurt me and if there is any way that i can help my tooth to feel better?

Can Lemons dissolve the enamel on my teeth or hurt my teeth in any other way?
ok. first of all there is more enamel-eroding sugur in a single lemon than a two litre botlle of coca cola!

all you need to do is use a enamel repairing toothpaste regularly eg: arm%26amp;hammer enamel care or sensodine pronamel

and dont eat them too much!!!! xxx
Reply:eating lemons is bad for your teeth!!
Reply:The citrus in the Lemon may have aggravated something that was already there to begin with
Reply:The citric acid in lemons can indeed chemically erode your enamel. Best not make eating lemons a habit.
Reply:anything ascetic can dissolve enamel, that includes our beloved Pepsi
Reply:I knew a girl that ate lemons all of the time and it actually ate away the enamel and the tooth itself. This was over a period of time but it proves that lemons do have an affect on your teeth. She eventually had to get porcelain veneers because her two front teeth were so damaged.......and downright ugly! The sensitivity your experiencing should wear away eventually, I would think.
Reply:lemons are really acidic. your teeth must be super sensitive for that to happen. i eat lemons once in a while and i don't have that problem. In some contries in asia (and probably other places too) people suck on lemons and their teeth deteriorate very quickly. you shouldn't eat lemons again
Reply:Lemon juice in your food is not bad but just plain eating a lemon (like biting into it) is not good for your teeth. The lemon juice breaks down the enamal because of the acid in it. The lemon juice probably aggravated something that was all ready there like a cavity or something. You should contact your dentist about this.
Reply:Yes, lemons are bad for your teeth!! Although this may be why your teeth hurt, it wont effect u long term (unless u keep sucking on lemons lol) . happy 4th!!

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