Friday, May 21, 2010

Why do my teeth hurt after I eat a lot of candy?

They only hurt when I chew something. After a day or two without eating anymore candy the pain will go away.

Why do my teeth hurt after I eat a lot of candy?
You may have decay and the sugar is getting into the holes in your teeth and making them sensitive...see your dentist...
Reply:Go see your dentist. You might have a cavity.
Reply:Because the sugar is eating away at the enamel! STOP IT!

Do NOTT brush your teeth soon after eating candy or drinking a lot of pop either, as that will wear away the enamel even quicker. You should either wait... or wash your mouth out with water first! Happy teeth rotting to ya!
Reply:I get the exact same thing!!! I'd like to know too.

I really like sweets so it really bugs me.
Reply:Same thing happens to me. Happening right now actually, Stupid halloween candy! I stop eating candy for a while, and brush my teeth extra good. You could have sensitive teeth, like me.

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