Monday, May 17, 2010

Do wisdom teeth really hurt that bad?

Do wisdom teeth really hurt that bad? My dentist is removing one tomorrow and he is going to see how I do with it and after his vacation he will take out the rest. I have heard it hurts really bad my parents told me I would cry lol!

Anyways I am having them pulled out under (laughing gas) I decided this instead of going to a surgeon. Will it be really bad and will I feel alot?

Do wisdom teeth really hurt that bad?
The pain you experience after extracting any molars or pre-molars will depend on your tolerance for pain ...and more importantly, the shape of the roots of the teeth to be extracted. Humans beings wisdom teeth are slowly being devolved out of existance. Ours skulls and jaws have gotten smaller over hundreds of thousands of years of evolution …and now-a-days many people have underdeveloped wisdom teeth, which is good if you’re having them taken out.

The roots of my wisdom teeth only developed as a single root and when I had them pulled (I only had 3 to start with) I went back to work in the afternoon that same day. I was lucky, as these roots can also be spread out and are much more difficult to remove. You can ask your dentist to see your x-rays and hope your roots are more pointed or cone shaped.

The good news is, is that you won't feel a thing while the tooth is being pulled ...and all you can do after, is take your pain killers and rinse a lot with mildly salty warm water. You will be fine in no time ...remember most people have this done

I spent 15 years as a dental ceramist!
Reply:the worst part will be the drive from the dentist office to the pharmacy to get your painkillers (take them). Then you will be extremely tired and sleep through it
Reply:It depends on your ability to handle pain. They are sore for a few days, but mine did not hurt that bad. Hopefully they will give you lots of pain killers, they help a lot. Good luck!!
Reply:Well I have had my teeth pulled and it really doesnt hurt. It hurts more to have them in. I had perfect straight teeth and now my wisdom teeth came in and they are getting pushed together. It is so painful that I can hardly eat at times. So my best advice is to get them all out and really take care of them so that you dont get air sockets because then that really is going to hurt. I think you have to get all new stitches in your gums and they have to clean the area as well.. So good luck and be brave!!!
Reply:No, it won't hurt at all during the actual extraction, or very little. The Doc will hit you up with a local as well as the laughing gas. Doing one at a time is the way to go. I had all four pulled by a military dentist. The extraction went fine, but I burnt the snot out of my mouth afterward. I was still numbed up from the local, and the hospital staff served me soup for lunch. I had fasted from the night before, so I was rather hungry. I slurped down the soup with no problem. Four hours later I was in dying from the pain, not from the wisdom teeth surgery, but from the soup after-wards that was probably near the temperature of the corona of the sun. The roof of your mouth was not meant to peel flesh!! Mine sure did!

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