Monday, May 17, 2010

Why do my teeth hurt?

I have mild pain when I chew and when I brush my teeth. It just started today. I don't think it's a cavity because I never had a cavity in my adult teeth, and it effects all my molars when something presses on them.

Why do my teeth hurt?
Yeah I used to have the same problem. It's called sensitive gums %26amp; tooth. You need to use a formulated toothpaste for sensitive teeth people. Then the problem would go away after a week. Also try taking Vitamin C to strengthen those gums.
Reply:well you just might have a cavity or two or there could be something wrong w/your gums and if it continues I'd advise you to go to see your dentist for some x-rays and/or an evaluating.
Reply:you could have sensitive teeth.There is a toothpaste "synsodyne".It help with the pain when there is pressure or if hot or cold on your teeth hurt. If that isn't it you may have something going on with your gums underlining and may need to see a Dentist. Good Luck.
Reply:Have a dentist check to see if your wisdom teeth are pushing up and out. They can be a real source of tooth pain and headaches.
Reply:sounds like it is the gums

you must not have brushed well either on one side of the teeth, or worse, between two adjacent teeth, and as a result some bacteria must be working off the base of leftover food...


- carefully brush the teeth in the affected area, from both sides. Remember, it is not strength that counts, but making sure the brush's hairs penetrate between the teeth, and brush the are where the gum and the tooth join

- use dental floss between the teeth of the afftected area, maybe something will come out

if symptoms persist, consult a dentist - it is not because you never had a cavity, that you never will!
Reply:If you eat or drink anything acidic or drink red wine, it may affect your teeth. Use Sensodyne for a couple of days, and if the pain doesn't go away, see a dentist.
Reply:Sensitive teeth. Though, when I had it, it was only for cold things. You can either use a toothpaste specially formulated for sensitive teeth, or just leave it (like I did). It goes away eventually.

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