Friday, May 21, 2010

Why do my teeth hurt when i chew gum?

when i chew gum for a little while my teeth on one side start to ache REALLY bad. I don't have insurance so i really dont know what to do.

Why do my teeth hurt when i chew gum?
You either have a cavity or sensitive teeth. I'd recommend trying to use a sensitive tooth toothpaste, like Sensodyne, and see if that doesn't help.

If you are already using a product for sensitive teeth, you might wish to stop chewing sugary gum, and try sugarless gum, instead.

Finally, if your teeth hurt, you need to see the dentist. Many dentists are willing to work with their patients, financially, so see if yours will allow you to make payments, since you are self-paying.

Good luck!
Reply:your teeth are sensitive to sugar try a sugarless gum.
Reply:It might be a cavity. If the pain is really bad it might havereached the root and you will have to get your toot/teeth removed. so get it checked out because living without those teeth would be bad.
Reply:There could be a lot of different things that are wrong with your tooth. The best thing to do is see a dentist. Any dentist can figure out the problem fairly easily. If cost is a concern to you, I would suggest that you go to a local dental school. The fees are typically half of what a private practice dentist charges.

Hope this helps,

Dr. T

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