Friday, May 21, 2010

Does it hurt having Teeth pulled ? So scared & nervous?

Having 2 Adult teeth pulled for Braces

Can Mum stay with me ? Will it hurt loads ?

omg i'm soooooooo scared about having it done

also hate injections so much

Does it hurt having Teeth pulled ? So scared %26amp; nervous?
Relax. It will not hurt (during) because you will get Novocaine. You won't feel a thing. It might hurt after you get home and the Novocaine wears off, but it's no big deal. And they will give you pain killers.
Reply:Yes she can be with you. It just hurts with the first injection, just a pin prick it's a VERY fine needle, don't worry. Wont feel a thing.
Reply:Ask your Mom if she can take you to someone that uses Nitrous Oxide. You will not be awake for the procedure, but you will have some discomfort (not horrible pain) for a few days. Most dentists will not allow Mom in the room while they work, but she will be in the waiting area.
Reply:I had a couple teeth pulled and its nothing to worry about, just feel a bit of pushing, more uncomfortable that painfull really.

Your mum can go in with you if you want her to.

I hate injections too, more so than the extractions, I think it helps to close my eyes, I'm fine if I don't see the needle.

I'm sure you'll be fine. It's the thought of it that's the worst bit. Good luck!

edit: Contrary to what someone else suggested, Do not take any drugs before you go to the dentist even Asprin. The dentist will give you drugs to control the pain and you don't want to be taking anything that could interfere with that. Getting teeth removed is not 'awful' it is a very simple procedure. It is uncomfortable but not painfull at all. You'll be fine.
Reply:No. It's okay. Take some tunes with you. Plug them in your ears and it will be over in 1 minute. The shot will seem worse then the pulling. So plug your favorite tunes in before that.
Reply:I had a tooth pulled and I fell asleep while they pulled it. Then I woke up. I mean without drugs I fell asleep. It doesn't hurt it just feels like they are working in there
Reply:I have had baby teeth pulled and all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and it hurts. I don't care how much they numb you you can feel them pulling, all the pressure and you can feel the cracking and cruching of your tooth coming out and it is really awful. I don't handle pain to much. All I can say is to take some pain killers before you do this. Maybe some Motrin and asprin.
Reply:Sophie - Relax, luv! You'll be fine.

If you've had your ears pierced, the injections will be no worse...just a pinch. If you're still nervous, have mum call the doc and prescribe you anxiety medication or ask of they have Nitrous. Contrary to what someone wrote above, Nitrous does NOT put patients to sleep; just makes them not care what's going on. if you want to be asleep, you need to ahve what's called "IV sedation"

Whether your mum can be w/ you is up to the dental office. Honestly, some young patients do better with parent(s) NOT in the room....

as for user called "SmartAzz," just ignore him. I've had patients like that and theyr'e one in a 100... usually tough looking guys who have tattoos and still can't handle a teeny injetion syringe tip.... Basically I have 7 year old girls that handle the whole thing better than guys like that!

As for hearing cracking; yeah, it's a possibility with wisdom teeth, but if you're having two adult teeth pulled (bicuspids) then they don't even have fully formed roots, so it will be SUPER easy for the Doc to take them out! just some pressure.

best wishes, and as the python boys sang, Always look on the bright side of life...
Reply:They will give you shots in your mouth (feels like a little pinch doesn't hurt) so you can't feel the teeth being pulled out. I will hurt after-wards (for a couple of days at most) so make sure you take plenty (NOT TO MUCH) of ibuprofen or whatever u like to use as a pain-reliever. And a little trivia, you mouth is the fastest part of your body that heals. it will heal fairly quickly and shouldn't be too much discomfort.

Hope I helped!


Reply:yiiikkkssss!! I am facing the same thing, and having had teeth pulled hate to tell you it doesn't hurt as much as scares the hell outta you.. you feel the pressure and like your head is going to be pulled off.....get a dentist you know and trust...or get can usually come with you....ask for the "wand" is not like a needle and doesn;t hurt...

Giood luck punkin
Reply:I've had several extractions, my wisdom teeth twice. If you are properly novocated you will feel pressure and hear noise- no pain. Make sure you get a good script.
Reply:it hurts!!!

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  1. No it does not hurt, if you have nitrous oxide you shouldn't even feel the needle. You will be so relaxed you don't even care. It will hurt some after but that is what they give you pain killers for. Also your mom should be able to be with you. To the person that said if they give you nitrous oxide you wont be awake, thats a lie. Nitrous oxide is laughing gas, it calms you, it does not knock you out. I had a lot of teeth worked on and I got nitrous oxide every time and actually wanted to go to sleep while they were working on them. Its not as bad as everybody thinks but I understand why you were scared. I was too when I first went. Good luck to anybody going to the dentist but you'll be fine. Have a good day!


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