Monday, May 17, 2010

Does getting teeth pulled hurt?

im only 12 and i have to get braces SOON and so the orthodontist said that i have to get 4 baby teeth pulled and im just scared because i hate needles does it really hurt that bad?


Does getting teeth pulled hurt?
As a dentist myself I can assure you that you have nothing to worry about. Your dentist will give you an injection of Lidocaine in your gums that will block the nerve from feeling pain. The shot only feels like a small pinch and its over before you even know it. The only thing you will feel during the extraction is some pressure as your dentist pulls and pushes to loosen your tooth. Good luck and don't worry, you will be just fine!
Reply:It depends, on your doctor I mean. My doctor is gentle, and he gives me laughing gas. Ha, it actually works. I had 2 teeth pulled and it didn't hurt one bit. I wish you Good Luck. Report It

Reply:Don't be scared. It's not gonna hurt that bad as long as your ortho knows what he's doing.

You may feel a tickling sensation but afterwards you'll be numb as hell boy.
Reply:Nope, they will numb you and you may feel pressure, but no pain what so ever. I had to have 1 of my back teeth pulled and it didn't even hurt. I just felt a bit of pressure in the gum area and then I actually felt a heep of relief after the tooth was gone. (It felt soooooo much better!)

When I got home I had a perscription pain reliever, and I took one as soon as I got home because I was scared of pain, but when I woke up the next morning and felt a small bit of pain where the tooth was and in my jaw, but it wasn't overbearing enough to take a pain pill.

Don't worry, you'll be just fine, and I swear, it won't be bad at all. You can have them give you "Gas" (Just ask for gas and they'll know what you mean.) and that will help ease your nerves also.
Reply:The dentist will make sure it doesn't hurt while getting them extracted, and it helps that they are baby teeth, they do not have roots to hurt.

daAnswer ... You just said H*** to a 12 year old. Not nice :)
Reply:he will put numbing stuff on it to make it hurt less

or maybe laughing gass
Reply:Yes! Yes! It definitely does hurt. But that's just a tiny little price you have to pay for vanity. Guess, it's worth it! Pretty teeth from now on ;D
Reply:noppee, especially if their baby teeth, it wont hurt. they will numb you first, you'll feel pulling, but you wont feel any pain.

if you had to get adult teeth pulled, yes, it would hurt a lot more, because those are the teeth your stuck with for your life, but since their your baby teeth,you were going to loose them anyway, so it wont hurt as bad.

i had a reallyy ugly rotten tooth when i was younger(like around the age of 4). and i had to get it pulled, but it didnt hurt at all..they will numb you so dont worry about it=]

good luck!
Reply:nope doesn't hurt at all... they numb your gums before they stick you with the needle... it always helps me to close my eyes so I don't see it coming. if you see the needle that makes it worse. you will be fine
Reply:the truth is yes it can hurt. and some doctors act like they really don't care because it isn't hurting them.

the secret is when you get into the chair and the doctor comes in , ask to please have the gum numbed with gel so the needle won't hurt.

pain is relative some people seem to feel it more than others. i know a lady who has had teeth pulled and root canals done with no form of pain relief.

Reply:The only thing that hurts is the shot of novocaine they give you before. But if they give you happy gas before that, you'll be too high to care.
Reply:I had to get 2 teeth pulled out before i got my braces on to and i was terrified but i promise you it does not hurt one but the needle feels like he is pushing on your gum and that is it dont worry aanymore i promise you its fine and my teth were baby teeth and he said one of them was the hardest tooth he has ever had to get out and that didnt hurt dont worry any longer i promise
Reply:It all depends on the dentist.
Reply:Not at all! I had my tooth pulled right before I got my braces and I was also worried. They give one little shot that you can't feel at all. The worst part is after, because your mouth is sensitive just eat soft foods like Jello

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