Saturday, May 15, 2010

My teeth hurt!?

well i messed up my root when i was like 3 months old. my dentist wanted to do a root canal and he drilled a hole in my tooth to prepare for it. it hurts like helllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. i went yesterday and i have to go tomorrow. the pain didn't go away and if i go tomorrow it's just gonna double. what sould i do to make it feel better/ not do to make it worse. yes i have some medicine together with pain killers but it doesnt work. even after like and hours it still doesnt work what should i do?

My teeth hurt!?
ask your dentist for better pain meds. and if your going to see him tell him how bad it hurts.
Reply:put ice on it eat ice cream with chocolate it really works
Reply:eat soft stuff.
Reply:omg im 13 and never been to the detist and i have to go soon and i have this huge cavity and i think its a root canal. but one morning i woke up and my whole mouth hurts. arrg its very painful..i only have one cavity tell me how bad it hurt scuz im really scared!!

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