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Does it hurt having Teeth Pulled ? Scared !!?

Having 2 permament teeth pulled for Braces

Can Mum stay with me ? Will it really hurt ?

I'm soooo scared about it.

Does it hurt having Teeth Pulled ? Scared !!?
I've had several teeth pulled. Don't be scared. You will be given novocaine and that takes away all sensation of pain. I think you're more scared of the idea of it. I know it sounds scary, but it's really not that bad, and only takes a few seconds. You won't even feel it. And I never had any pain or discomfort afterwards either. Sure, your mom can stay with you. Just try to relax and think about something else. My dentist gave me earphones, and I could listen to music while this was being done. Good luck!
Reply:nah get some nitrous oxide that will do the trick
Reply:Dont be scared hon. Usually, your mum can come in the room with you, it just depends on your dentist. The dentist will numb you up so that you can't feel when they pull your teeth. Usually, they will let you know that you will feel 'pressure' and maybe some 'pulling', but as far as feeling pain you really shouldn't. If they start and you do feel actually pain and not pressure, let them know, and they can give you some more numbing medicine. Wish you the best, and don't worry, kids get teeth pulled all the time to make room in their mouth when getting braces.
Reply:You won't feel it at all. If they're permanent, they'll put you on anesthetic, and you will first not care what they do, then you won't feel a thing and you'll fall asleep.

Don't worry about it at all though.
Reply:It hurts a whole lot less than not getting them fixed. If you get a good dentist, you won't even feel a thing. The worst part is thinking about it. If you can think about or concentrate on anything else other than what is happening in your mouth, you'll be a whole lot better off.
Reply:it depends on where is the tooth and the kind of anasthesia the dentist will give, but in general it will hurt but not too much. I mean you will feel some pain then it will go away.

and I am pretty sure that your mum can stay with you.
Reply:I've had all of mine taken out, not by choice. But that's another story!

Your Mom will likely be allowed to be with you!

With the medicines available today, you will likely not feel any pain. Perhaps some mild discomfort, but that's about it.

Follow your doctors orders as to how to treat your mouth after extraction. This is important!

Again, you should not feel any pain!

Good luck and keep brushing those fangs! ;-)

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Reply:Yes your mom can stay with you. Why did somebody tell you she can't. Yes and no. Why i say that is when they acualy pull it it hurts like hell. Then it doesn't. Till....................................... pain killer wear off. Then the pain is soooooooo bad. But it usally takes 10 he. till they wear off. Sorry.
Reply:No it wont hurt, the shots to deaden the teeth will hurt more than the pulling of them. And yes your mom can stay with you. Your teeth are very important. I'm 65 and have only 27 left after spending over $40,000.00 in my life on caring for them.There is nothing like having your real teeth, ask anyone that has false teeth.
Reply:It doesn't hurt but you can hear the sucking and cracking through your head. It made me sick. Just be sure to eat breakfast and don't have any pop or sugar or coffee since that will up your metabolism and you will get nervous and sick like I did. They will numb you up for as long as they need to for you not to feel any pain during the procedure and after wards, make sure to get the pain killers and antibiotics as soon as possible, because it will hurt for a couple of days after wards. Don't smoke or suck anything thru a straw, as this will dislodge the blood clot and your tooth hole will start bleeding and it is hard to stop. Just try not to get too worked up since the doc has probably done this before and doesn't want you to have a bad experience or any pain. He is doing it in your best interest so be thankful you have the option of having a good dentist.
Reply:Nah...they numb you..Your good

Will it Hurt having teeth out?

Soon, I am gettin braces! but i have to have 3 teeth out, because of over crowding.

I'm getting it done at my local dentists, and i'm not sure if i'm going to get numbed, or put to sleep, but either way, do you think it will hurt alot? because i'm not too good with pain. :p x

Will it Hurt having teeth out?
it probobly will hurt a little. they'll probobly give u a shot for numbing. u'll probobly feel a little pain from them pulling. my cousin got a few pulled a couple yrs ago and he threw up later our something like that. i'm sure it won't b as bad as u think though. i'll b praying 4 u and i hope it goes well. XD
Reply:umm im good with pain ,but point blank yea it is annoying after everything wears off
Reply:you'll get numbed..dont worry. and because of that, it shouldnt hurt.. but the next few days will be sore and you'll eat alot of applesauce and mashed potatoes. but dont worry, it will all work out in the end. i had braces for three years and couldnt WAIT to get them off... now that i have, i have a beautiful smile good luck and just be patient
Reply:Just take some pain killers before you go and you'll be fine.

They will numb you up so you won't feel a THING at all. The only thing that will hurt is the next couple of days. Not HURT HURT but your mouth will be a little sore. So stick to soft foods for a while.

You'll be okay though, don't worry. My mom's a dental assistant so I know what it's all about.

also, you can bring some music to listen to so you'll be a at ease when they give you the hook up.

Your teeth will look fabulous!

Good luck!
Reply:OMG I was totally freaking out when I had to get my 4 teeth pulled for the same reasons as you, but I am telling you I had NO, Zero, Zip problems or pain. You have Nothing to worry about. The only thing that kind of hurts are the shots to numb you, but when they are pulling the teeth out all you can feel is the pressure, and you might hear a couple of cracks. I was also surprised how FAST those teeth come out. Mine per tooth took probably 20 seconds.

Good luck and don't stress like I did. You have Nothing to worry about.
Reply:small pain after that's all.

if no anesthetic you would pass out
Reply:I had a tooth pulled two months ago. The dentist gave me a shot to numb the area. Even though I didn't feel pain when the tooth was coming out there is pain after the numbness goes away. You need to keep the space cleaned and gargle frequently so that if any food particles goes into the empty space it wont smell.
Reply:If your dentist is good the answer is no, it shouldn't hurt. He should numb the area where teeth will be extracted. You might feel a sting when the local goes in. After it's good and numb he'll push around it with what looks like a small spoon to make sure that you don't have any extra nerves going to that tooth, then he'll slowly apply pressure until it comes out. The key word is PRESSURE. That's something you'll definitely feel and unless they do put you asleep for it you can't get out of it, but you shouldn't feel pain. Once you get home I'd take some Motrin before the numb feeling wears off, not because it will hurt but because it will feel irritated. Eat soft things for a couple of days, ice cream and Popsicles are good. Your mouth heals fast. Not a lot of pain, more like a scraped knee. Just annoying. Good luck!

One of my teeth hurts when I eat/drink anything hot or cold. It doesn't hurt at any other time though?

I've tried Sendodyne toothpaste for 2 years now, but the tooth is still the same. Does anyone know why my tooth is like this and if anyone knows what more I can do?

One of my teeth hurts when I eat/drink anything hot or cold. It doesn't hurt at any other time though?
Firstly, try rinsing out your mouth with five drops of some pure essential clove oil mixed in half a cup of luke warm water. Buy the oil from a health shop its not exspensive.

If the actual problem is further down then you may need to see your dentist, it maybe that you need Root Canal Treatment.

You could go into your chemist and explain to them the problem and that youve tried sensodyne. Just say to them you would like to try something else BEFORE you go to the dentist. See then if they will advise you with something to try.
Reply:sounds liek it has decay, you nedd the dentist to fill it up for you
Reply:sounds like damaged nerve endings in tooth. it wont repair itself so a visit to dentist seems inevitable.go on,grit your teeth and bear it,it wont cause you half as much discomfort as your obviously suffering at the moment.
Reply:I had the same problem (though i was in mongolia at the time and so it also hurt when i breathed in as the air was so cold - it was awful!) and when i went to the dentist it turned out i needed some root canal treatment. I would make an appointment with your dentist, as you may well need a filling/root canal.
Reply:its a trip to the dentist for you i am afraid. was gonna suggest sensodyne but just saw you used it already. it must need work doing somewhere there is prob a hole.
Reply:i would have your dentist check it out just to be sure. i have the same problem with cold. my dentist told me it is not uncommon. as you age your gums recede an expose some nerve endings. better to be safe and have it checked out though.
Reply:Your tooth has become sensitive. increase ur calcium and Vitamin C intake if its in initial stage otherwise dentis will cover it with gold so that u don't feel pain. meanwhile u can use a tooth paste for sensitive teeth which are available over the counter. but do consult ur dentist.

Keep Smiling.
Reply:It sounds like you might have a crack letting fluid leak down to the root nerve.

My Husband has perfect teeth and about 3 years ago this same thing happened and we found out somehow he had fractured a molar. It had to be pulled. But that was just his.

But you need to see a dentist to have it xrayed to see what the problem might be. It might be able to be repaired and crowned, if that is the problem.

Make an appointment. Otherwise it could cause decay and the lose of the entire tooth.

Good Luck.
Reply:Talk to a dentist. I had that for a long time and after a few years it got worse. My dentist gave me a root canal and it really worked, no more sore teeth at all.
Reply:As you can tell from the various answers already posted, the cause of your sensitivity could be many different things. One I haven't seen mentioned is toothbrush abrasion. It is simply brushing too hard, causing the tooth to be sensitive, just like a cavitiy would feel. Your dentist can address this problem, also. Since you've been dealing w/ this for 2 years, I assume you've not visited the dentist regularly. Make yourself an appointment for a cleaning and an exam.

If the cause of your sensitivity is decay, you probably have very little time left if a filling will solve the problem. Wait too long, and you may need a root canal. Very expensive.

Good luck to you!

Does it hurt having Teeth pulled ? So scared & nervous?

Having 2 Adult teeth pulled for Braces

Can Mum stay with me ? Will it hurt loads ?

omg i'm soooooooo scared about having it done

also hate injections so much

Does it hurt having Teeth pulled ? So scared %26amp; nervous?
Relax. It will not hurt (during) because you will get Novocaine. You won't feel a thing. It might hurt after you get home and the Novocaine wears off, but it's no big deal. And they will give you pain killers.
Reply:Yes she can be with you. It just hurts with the first injection, just a pin prick it's a VERY fine needle, don't worry. Wont feel a thing.
Reply:Ask your Mom if she can take you to someone that uses Nitrous Oxide. You will not be awake for the procedure, but you will have some discomfort (not horrible pain) for a few days. Most dentists will not allow Mom in the room while they work, but she will be in the waiting area.
Reply:I had a couple teeth pulled and its nothing to worry about, just feel a bit of pushing, more uncomfortable that painfull really.

Your mum can go in with you if you want her to.

I hate injections too, more so than the extractions, I think it helps to close my eyes, I'm fine if I don't see the needle.

I'm sure you'll be fine. It's the thought of it that's the worst bit. Good luck!

edit: Contrary to what someone else suggested, Do not take any drugs before you go to the dentist even Asprin. The dentist will give you drugs to control the pain and you don't want to be taking anything that could interfere with that. Getting teeth removed is not 'awful' it is a very simple procedure. It is uncomfortable but not painfull at all. You'll be fine.
Reply:No. It's okay. Take some tunes with you. Plug them in your ears and it will be over in 1 minute. The shot will seem worse then the pulling. So plug your favorite tunes in before that.
Reply:I had a tooth pulled and I fell asleep while they pulled it. Then I woke up. I mean without drugs I fell asleep. It doesn't hurt it just feels like they are working in there
Reply:I have had baby teeth pulled and all 4 wisdom teeth pulled and it hurts. I don't care how much they numb you you can feel them pulling, all the pressure and you can feel the cracking and cruching of your tooth coming out and it is really awful. I don't handle pain to much. All I can say is to take some pain killers before you do this. Maybe some Motrin and asprin.
Reply:Sophie - Relax, luv! You'll be fine.

If you've had your ears pierced, the injections will be no worse...just a pinch. If you're still nervous, have mum call the doc and prescribe you anxiety medication or ask of they have Nitrous. Contrary to what someone wrote above, Nitrous does NOT put patients to sleep; just makes them not care what's going on. if you want to be asleep, you need to ahve what's called "IV sedation"

Whether your mum can be w/ you is up to the dental office. Honestly, some young patients do better with parent(s) NOT in the room....

as for user called "SmartAzz," just ignore him. I've had patients like that and theyr'e one in a 100... usually tough looking guys who have tattoos and still can't handle a teeny injetion syringe tip.... Basically I have 7 year old girls that handle the whole thing better than guys like that!

As for hearing cracking; yeah, it's a possibility with wisdom teeth, but if you're having two adult teeth pulled (bicuspids) then they don't even have fully formed roots, so it will be SUPER easy for the Doc to take them out! just some pressure.

best wishes, and as the python boys sang, Always look on the bright side of life...
Reply:They will give you shots in your mouth (feels like a little pinch doesn't hurt) so you can't feel the teeth being pulled out. I will hurt after-wards (for a couple of days at most) so make sure you take plenty (NOT TO MUCH) of ibuprofen or whatever u like to use as a pain-reliever. And a little trivia, you mouth is the fastest part of your body that heals. it will heal fairly quickly and shouldn't be too much discomfort.

Hope I helped!


Reply:yiiikkkssss!! I am facing the same thing, and having had teeth pulled hate to tell you it doesn't hurt as much as scares the hell outta you.. you feel the pressure and like your head is going to be pulled off.....get a dentist you know and trust...or get can usually come with you....ask for the "wand" is not like a needle and doesn;t hurt...

Giood luck punkin
Reply:I've had several extractions, my wisdom teeth twice. If you are properly novocated you will feel pressure and hear noise- no pain. Make sure you get a good script.
Reply:it hurts!!!

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Antibiotics hurt adult teeth in children?

Has anyone heard that Antibiotics as a child can hurt or weaken adult teeth?

If so do you have links to info on this?

Antibiotics hurt adult teeth in children?
To answer your question, there are no known antibiotics that will hurt or weaken a child's teeth. However, side effects such as intrinsic staining (within teeth) can result from antibiotic such as tetracycline. These stains are not commonly found in children anyone since doctors are aware of the potential side effect. Also tetracycline will not effect teeth that are already erupted.
Reply:Tetracycline will. It makes your adult teeth darker. Look up side effects of tetracycline.
Reply:Only tetracycline antibiotic. When given to a child who is forming adult teeth it will cause a black, permanent stain on the child's adult teeth. It doesn't necessarily hurt or weaken the teeth, just causes a horrible stain. The stain is permanent and cannot be whitened. The only way to get rid of it is haveing veneers placed over.

Does Oxycontin hurt your teeth?

I had surgery a couple months ago and have been on Oxycontin fairly steadily since then. It works nicely to cut the pain, but I'm noticing that my teeth are starting to hurt whenever I take them. I've heard that they can cause tooth decay but haven't been able to find anything about that online.

If anyone knows anything, it'd be mucho appreciated.

Does Oxycontin hurt your teeth?
First of all you have not clarified which type of Oxycontin you are taking,say from 5 mg to 100 mg?Is a necrotic based medicine.If your teeth hurts you that not because of Oxycontin,But if you are a Alcohol addicted or smokers,be careful about your teeth.If the tooth decay is persisting consult your dentist.well if you need more details about the products go to the manufacturer's site or Http:// in the search box type Oxycontin and yahoo will bring more than 10 sites in search result.Select FDA approved site.Or manufacturer's site.

Teeth hurt due to braces, help?

I just got them tightened on Friday, 02/08/2008, and now my top row hurts. i can't bite. i've taken apap and it hurts like hell. i need it to stop hurting by tomrrow, because i have to go to school on monday and i dont want to eat with pain. any suggestions on healing faster? no crap answers please.

Teeth hurt due to braces, help?
try asprin or pain killer. it's part of the process. when you really think about what's going on in your mouth - forcing your teeth into an un-natural position - that's a lot of force put on your mouth and head. and remember to always wear the retainer, once the braces are removed, 'cause those suckers (teeth) have a memory like an elephant - and will return to the position that's natural (born with).
Reply:Try taking some Advil. Or if you don't want to take advil, try tylenol. They probably hurt because your gums are swollen a little bit. You can also try rubbing some anbesol on your gums, that will numb them.
Reply:i fell you ! what i do is take aleve and rub some ambesol.
Reply:it usually takes about 3 days for your teath to stop hurting
Reply:I agree Advil or Ibuprofen (both the same thing) will probably help you best. I had braces and I had something the Orthodontist put in the roof of my mouth I had to use a "Key" with and tighten it daily. It was supposed to spread the roof of my mouth as they said my palette was to high. Believe me I know it hurts. You might ask your Dentist or Family Doctor to prescribe a mild muscle relaxer like Skelaxin to help. Hope you feel better soon!

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