Monday, May 17, 2010

My teeth constantly hurt!?

I have on temporary venners right now and have had them on for almost 2 weeks. I wake up in the middle of the night and I just want to die my mouth hurts so bad. Yesterday they gave me antibiodics and told me to take Extra Strength Tylenol every 4-6 hours but it is still not helping. What could be going on here? I know the dentist took a lot of my real teeth down for the venners. Could I have an abcess? It is mostly at night when they hurt.

My teeth constantly hurt!?
The temporaries are leaking. There isn't a tight seal with a temporary and you get sensitivity (any temporary not just yours). You could be breathing through your mouth at night and that is why you get most of the sensitivity then. The dentist should be able to get you numb, take the temporaries off, and seal the tubules with desensitizer. I have veneers and that really helps me when I am waiting for final product. An abcess would throb, possibly with your heart beat, and be worse with hot, and laying down. Call the doc they don't want you to suffer!
Reply:I really feel for you. I'd go back to you dentist tomorrow and explain to them how much pain your suffering.

If you've had extractions before having the veneers put on,then I'm guessing you might have a condition called dry socket, which you dentist can treat, but does take a while to heal.

It could be an abscess again, as pain from abscesses tend to happen at night.

I'm only guessing though from the info you've given.

My best advice though would be to go and see your dentist.

Hope you are out of pain soon
Reply:hmm, how many? i don't think u have dry socket. your gums could be in pain from the work they have done. i assume they numed you up for the job they did on you. anyhow if they did it right its probably just gum pain and that can make your whole mouth hurt including all your teeth. for now i suggest you try plan ibuprofen 800 mg every 4 to 6 hours. if you don't improve in a week you'll need to go back. but i really think its all the work they have done. i know i just had a root canal,and a new crown.g.l.,t.c.
Reply:A dry socket would have nothing to do with veneers since you don't take any teeth out to get veneers. An abcess is possible if there was decay on any on the teeth. Chances are you are having post op sensitivity. It may or may not subside right away. Instead of tylenol, switch to Motrin. It is an anti inflamatory and this may help. Ask your dentist about a desensitizor they can put on your teeth to help with that.

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