Monday, May 17, 2010

Should my teeth hurt after getting braces?

I got my braces put on about 10 hours ago and they still hurt a whole lot all the time. Its also incredibly hard to eat anything as it hurts a lot when i chew. Is this normal? Is there anything I can do to help it?

Should my teeth hurt after getting braces?
yes,your mouth is probably sore

just eat pudding,applesauce, and other soft foods it is normal for it to be hard to chew after a few days you should be fine,but for now you should take pain killers and eat soft foods for a few days or until it stops hurting when you chew

good luck

hope you feel better
Reply:yes this is normal.take pain relife and eat cold things. like ice cream.they will only hurt for a few days. eat apple sauce,pasta,ice cream.cold things and soft things help. best of luck!
Reply:yes definetly not for long
Reply:yeah i think mine hurt for a couple of days try putting some wax the orthodontist gave you were it hurts
Reply:YES,it is. This is probably the time when they hurt

the most.They will also hurt tomorrow :(

So have a pain killer and use your wax if the wires are irratating your mouth.
Reply:Yeah thats perfectly normal. For now try eating soft foods like smoothies. The pain stays for up to a week
Reply:It's normal and every tightening will feel painful too.

Eat mashed potato and anything you don't have to chew very hard, like Oatmeal, Cream of Wheat, yogurt, cottage cheese, macaroni %26amp; cheese, ravioli, whatever doesn't hurt to eat.
Reply:Yes, my teeth hurt for like a week after I had braces put on. You just need to stick to softer foods for a few days.
Reply:you are fine. Take some asprin or advil. It will hurt for a few days.
Reply:yes suggest that you take asprin before you get your barces on
Reply:This is normal, they might hurt for a few days.
Reply:yeah your teeth are shifting which means they are moving into the place they should be which is making your teeth straight
Reply:yes, it is completely normal. my mouth usually hurts for 3-7 days after getting my braces tightened. just take some advil, and stick to yogurt, cottage cheese, and ICE CREAM. =].


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