Friday, May 21, 2010

I just got braces today and my teeth hurt REALLY bad?

I got braces today at 10:00 and I've been fine until about an hour ago and the pain is getting worse! Is there ANYTHING I can do to at least reduce the pain? When will they start to not hurt as much?

I just got braces today and my teeth hurt REALLY bad?
I know what you mean. This is the worst 24 hours. Get lots of ibuprofen and pudding.
Reply:try taking antibiotics
Reply:get some oragel that helps numb ur teeth
Reply:i have braces. that happens EVERRRYYY time you go to get it fixed or a checkup. it lasts 4 days or even a week. what i do to helkp it go awqay is i brush my teeth a lot. goodluck!
Reply:Just take some tylenol... It hurts for a while, but it gets better everyday! Just eat soft foods for a while.... You will start feeling better soon! trust me, i have had braces twice!!!
Reply:ew i know what you mean. take some advil and just eat soft foods. i know the pain sucks but itll be over soon and you'll have beautiful straight teeth !
Reply:your braces will hurt for the next few days, a LOT!!! this is because your teeth are moving quickly. eat very soft foods and take either ibuprofen or advil to reduce the pain... they both work like a dream!! good luck and eat a lot of soup!!!
Reply:braces really suck!! i got mine tightened today. all u can really so is take asprin or pain reliever. if u want i guess u could put ice on it but i dont kno that it will help. sorry hun. it'll take like 3-7 days for them to stop hurting but once they do u wont even know theyre there. hope u feel better! (and have a nice smile)
Reply:advil/motrin. it helps. and it will hurt for a while, thats normal.

welcome to the bracefaceclub.
Reply:i got mine on it guessing you are about 12-14? i am 13 and i took a total of 400mg of ibprofen, every lets say 6 didnt help completely, but it helped...stay on the softer foods for about a week, then its fine. you wil survive, dont worry, and just be careful! just think on the positive side your teeth will look BEAUTIFUL when they come off....dont overdose on the medicine. be responsible with it. there is nothing you can do to CURE the pain, only you can help it. dont force hard foods into your mouth cuz it will jst hurt more if you try to eat hard foods before your teeth are ready

GOOD LUCKK! happy v-dayy%26lt;3
Reply:Tylenol extra strength. Take these before each visits. It will hurt everytime they tighten your braces up.
Reply:dont worry about that that will soon pas like anything elsee you will see.
Reply:Your going through just what I did a couple years ago. You'll get used to your braces, and don't worry, they won't hurt like this forever. To relive the pain, take an asprin, hold a cold rag up to your mouth, or eat icecream! And get your mind off of your teeth by watching TV or reading a book.
Reply:take some tylonel. how ever you spell that.

yeah i have braces now and my teeth hurt when ever they change the wire, and i take tylonel to reduce the pain. dont eat any hard things or they will hurt. it will be gone about a few days, dont worry.
Reply:trust me i had braces for almost 3 years hon.

umm what i do is eat soft foods.

i know it hurts a lot but ur going to get used to it when u go get new braces when going to checkups.

it's more importent that ur teeth look perfect!

u want to have bad looking teeth?

i think the answer would be no!
Reply:your going to have to tough it out maybe take some asprins,but your teeth are going to hurt whenever you get them tightened,im sorry honey but its true i had braces,almost 17 years ago and they hurt but the end results were well worth it.i lost weight while i had my braces on i loved about to get braces for my 10year old soon.good luck.
Reply:Try rinsing your mouth with warm salt water. It taste a little nasty but it helped when I had braces. Hang in there, it will be worth it when they come off.
Reply:I feel your pain. Take some Advil (ibruprofen) or Aleve (naproxen) every 4 to 6 hours and hang in there. Unfortunately, everytime you have an adjustment, your teeth are going to hurt for awhile. As to how long, everyone is different.
Reply:Yeah, I got my braces a couple of months ago. The pain stops after about 24 hours. Try taking an Advil or another type of pain killer. Also try taking your mind off of it, watch TV or something. You could also eat certin foods, my favs were beans and yogert.

Good luck! Hope your teeth look great!

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