Monday, May 17, 2010

Does getting your wisdom teeth pulled hurt a lot ?

i'm 16 and my wisdom teeth are coming in :( i have to get them pulled cause i dont have enough room for them. i already had a couple of molars pulled out before and it didnt hurt all that badly afterwards - the pain meds worked pretty well. i'm just worried about the wisdom teeth cause i heard u can get something called dry yah, how much does it hurt would you say? are dry sockets painful? (if you have experienced them....)

Does getting your wisdom teeth pulled hurt a lot ?
My teeth were embedded in my jaw so they had to drill into my jaw bone. I was asleep though all of this so I didn't feel a thing. Afterwards I was a little sore, but not too bad.

Dry sockets are rare, the doctor will tell you how to prevent them.

Good luck!
Reply:For most,it'll just be another dental procedure. Not a lot of fun, but no big deal. Mine were no problem!
Reply:That's a worse case scenario. Expect what you experienced before
Reply:The process won't be painful because hopefully you get to sleep through it. Afterward, it is painful, but the meds will help. You can also expect to lose some weight because you won't be hungry nor will you be able to eat much solid foods.
Reply:no but allow a week to recover, and your cheeks will be puffy
Reply:It was a little sore and you can't eat solid food for a couple days to a week depending on how fast you heal. Avoid doing anything they tell you not to do though (smoking, sucking through a straw) because that will cause dry sockets (which is when the blood clot getts sucked out so you have exposed nerves, i'm sure you can imagine how much that hurts). They should give you some pain medicine which will help with the soreness.
Reply:It shouldn't hurt after the anaesthetic, but you may be uncomfortable if your teeth dont want to let go, and the nurse needs to hold your head still while the dentist tugs away. If you get the option, i suggest going into hospital to be knocked out for the procedure, unless your dentistry provides this. Good luck :)
Reply:Getting your wisdom teeth pulled really isn't that bad as some people say it is. I just got 2 of mine pulled and it was not bad at all. And I don't like dr's or needles. It has now been five days and it is going well. Both of mine were inpacked which really sucks. But you will be fine just follow the dr's instructions. Hope this helps and good luck.
Reply:The surgery isn't too bad in itself but the third day is the hardest. I got my wisdom teeth removed last week and it wasn't pretty. I did get a dry socket and I'm still on narcotics now because of the after-math of them. It is by far the most painful experience if you get dry sockets, and I got acl reconstruction surgery from a sports injury last year! But dry sockets are rare and you should be fine. The pain meds work but remember to take some type of stool softener before you take them I'm not trying to be grosse but you will get constipated on them. Its not a matter of you might, you most def will. Drink a lot of water and keep your bowels loose. I hope things go well for you. Good luck

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