Monday, May 17, 2010

My teeth don't hurt, will filling not have to be deep then?

I need three fillings done and have an appt. start of May. They don't hurt, but sometimes feel a bit funny, not huge but a little. Does this mean they are big fillings or if it had to be big fillings would my teeth be hurting right now?

I needed fillings in June 06', back then he told me the fillings were very small.... but I had a lot happen that I totally forgot to reschedule until now. What are signs it might of gotten worse and will need bigger fillings?

My teeth don't hurt, will filling not have to be deep then?
If you needed the restorations in last June, they are definitely larger now. So really all we know is that they are no longer "very small." Chances are, what you are feeling is the normal sensitivity that can occupy dental decay (caries).

Does this mean the decay isn't huge? No. Does it reduce the likelihood of it being huge? Absolutely.

Good luck. And next time, try not to let so much time go by. If the decay had been large, by now it might be into the nerve or so extensive that the tooth might be nonrestorable (not able to be fixed).

Signs that the decay is approaching the nerve are cold and hot sensitivity, both with delays- meaning that even when you take away the offending material (hot coffee, for example), the pain lingers on for a bit. This is in comparison to when you eat a piece of candy, feel something "funny," and as soon as you swallow the candy, the feeling goes away.
Reply:Sometimes the bigger they are and the longer you have had them the less you feel them. It is very possible that they are big since they were small last summer. But no matter how big they are most can be fixed. I wish you the best.

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