Saturday, May 15, 2010

Impacted wisdom teeth hurt?

my wisdom teeth have been trying to grow in for a yr. and my dentist said i needed them out. so my next 3 day weekend is when my mom said she is gonna make me get them pulled but right now my wisdom tooth hurts so bad. they are below the gum but it hurts so bad right now. what can i do????

Impacted wisdom teeth hurt?
All 4 of mine weere impacted I was told that for pain (before I had them taken out)to take Motrin and rinse my mouth with (sounds gross but I thought it worked)warm salty water .
Reply:take ibuprofen when it hurts but dont take for a long period, max a week. If you cant do it shortly then go ask ur dentist if he can prescribe you topic anestesics.
Reply:take a couple of asprin and get them pulled next long weekend. You don't need them anyway, they are sort of an evolutionary carryover fo days when we ate much tougher food.
Reply:yea sorry all you can do is take some tyleno or advil for a couple of days. hope you feel better.

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