Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wisdom teeth hurt 5 days later?

It's sunday and I had 4 wisdom teeth out tuesday. I can't take strong painkillers bc I have a sensitive stomach so I've been taking advil. Usually I'm fine during the day but then I can never sleep through the night, and it seems like whenever the advil wares off, my mouth hurts bad again. I'm going to the dentist tuesday to get a syringe thing to clean out my mouth. Do you think that my mouth hurts because of food stuck in it? Or do you think its an infection or dry socket?

Wisdom teeth hurt 5 days later?
Simply put, it hurts because you had 4 teeth pulled. You will be sore for a while. Recovery from extractions like that take some time, it's not overnight.
Reply:you can get the food out yourself with a toothpick (most of it), but they should still hurt after five days. It seems like those holes take forever to close. I can still feel the scars in my mouth from that surgery five years ago. (mine were cut out not pulled)

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