Saturday, May 15, 2010

Why do my teeth hurt?

My bottom row of front teeth have been hurting this past week. I have heard that if you are sick, which i am, that can cause the pain. Is this true? What are other reasons they could be hurting?

Why do my teeth hurt?
Could be the 'sick' ...if you didn't have tooth problems before..I wouldn't worry. If the problem stays around, obviously you'll hop on over to the dentist and let him take a peek... take a couple of aspirin or ibpro. ♥ feel better♥
Reply:yeah sometimes having a cold or being sick can cuz teeth pain, but so can a bad tooth. Im sure there are prolly a few other things but if it doesnt stop soon i would go see a dentist
Reply:Generally it is your top teeth that hurt because of being sick, as that is where the sinus is.

But, sick is sick and what you have might just be affecting your body like this.

Take care.
Reply:Your being sick could cause the pain. One thing that helps for me is Sensodyne toothpaste.
Reply:First, you didn't say what type of "sick" you are. If it is something that causes you pain. If that is the case, you might be grinding your teeth together at night and that can certainly cause pain in the lower teeth because pressure is being put on teeth where it isn't normally put on.

Second, you could have a gum infection near your front lower teeth. Try brushing and flossing then rinsing with a peroxide based mouthwash (don't swallow it) several times a day to see if this helps.

Perhaps you have adopted a new habit or hobby that would cause this. For instance, playing an instrument; sewing (biting the thread often); or other activities?

Did you have an accident within the last month that caused you to hit your mouth? If so, you should go get x-rays to make sure you didn't damage the roots of the teeth that are hurting.

Good Luck

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