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Does taking out your wisdom teeth hurt?? Please help?


I am 15 years old and I have Braces but this friday im taking out my wisdom teeth and I am extreamly nervous. So I have taked to some people and they told me that it hurts ALOT, that for a week I cant eat anything solid. and of course it made me evn more nervous, So I want to know if it is true that it hurts that bad. Please Help :)

Does taking out your wisdom teeth hurt?? Please help?
I had all 4 out at once while I was awake. It hurt for about twenty four hours. I do have to say that I ate a grilled steak with no problems two days later. The most annoying thing to me was that I had strings from the stiches hanging down in my mouth for over a week.
Reply:If they have to cut the gums to get them out, yes it does hurt. If not it will be slightly uncomfortable for a while. But when you're getting any tooth pulled the give you novacaine and you can't feel anything. Just make sure you're good and numb before they go in. Good luck!
Reply:I had my wisdom teeth out like 15 yrs ago and they knocked my out - I didn't feel a thing.

your jaw and your mouth is sore afterward though.
Reply:I had my wisdom teeth pulled after I got my braces off, but I guess if yours are coming in NOW then they've gotta go, huh?

Anyway - yep it hurts! Here is what you can do though: Take 2 ice packs (those blue things that you have to put in the freezer) wrap them in a small kitchen-size towel and place it up against the bottom of your jaw so that you have one ice pack on each side. YOU WILL FEEL GREAT until the ice pack melts, so it's best to be using 2 of them while 2 more are in the freezer for back up. So just hold them there while you lay down and rest.

Sure - Tylenol with Codeine is what you're Doc. will prescribe and it works ok with the throbbing in your head, but the ICE PACK trick will cut down on the Pain and Swelling.

I had mine pulled 6 years ago and my boyfriend just had his done this last summer, I showed him the ice-pack trick and he was very grateful.

***As far as eating. Just have soup, or Betty Crocker makes 4 different flavors of Mashed Potatoes. I lived on those for like 5 days. he he he
Reply:Of course it's uncomfortable, but they give you medicine to get the pain to stay away. Even if you don't take your meds, it isn't a sharp pain, it's a dull, throbbing one. Just keep taking them pills and you'll be a happy camper. As for eating solid food, just be smart about what you're eating. I ate pizza a few hours later, I just couldn't open my mouth more than a centimeter and had to really chew with my front teeth. It probably wasn't the smartest idea.

I would suggest icing your jaw a lot at first, I didn't, and I swelled up like a chipmunk for a week. Also, if they won't let you go under for it, just hang tight while they work on you, I found it amusing.

The worst part about it... I couldn't brush my teeth for a few days. Yuck! The second worst part was the anticipation, I didn't know what it was going to be like. It's not as bad as you think it will be!

P.S. - if you ask, they might let you keep them. I did! You might think it's gross, but remember, I had fun having them pulled. You do the math. Also, they had to saw one of mine in half before they pulled it out... it's really cool looking.
Reply:I won't lie to you, it's gonna hurt... but not as much as everyone says.

They are gonna pull them out and maybe even cut the gums, so recovery will take a couple of days and you will get swollen.

BUT IT'S WORTH IT!! you don't want a crooked smile the rest of your life, right? GO FOR IT!! you'll be fine

Reply:The most important thing is that your gum is numbed before the extraction. Novocaine is usually used. make sure you have an antibiotic like corsodyl to rinse after. This will help with the prevention of possible infection.

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