Friday, May 21, 2010

Preggo and teeth hurt everyday since......?

I am preggo and every single night my teeth ache. Most of the time it is either all of the top right or left side of my mouth taking turns each night. I use tylenol when I can not stand it but it barely touches the pain. I don not see any cavities or anything in my mouth. I know only a dentist can tell. However, it started right when I got pregnant. Has anyone been through or known someone who went through this?

Preggo and teeth hurt everyday since......?
Calcium is NOT taken from your teeth. Teeth are NOT bone and do not have this ability.

Go to a dentist and have your teeth checked. Xrays are OK because modern Xray machines are very focused (collimated) and the radiation will not get as far as your abdomen.
Reply:It could be calcium depletion! Are you taking a calcium supplement? Almonds and broccoli are the best sources of natural calcium.

My teeth were unaffected during my first pregnancy, but 2 %26amp; 3 sent me to the dentist! Try switching to Sensodyne, or something similar (check with your OB-GYN first)- which replaces or "packs" the small pores in your teeth due to calcium depletion, until your body replaces it with calcium.

Good luck!
Reply:Nerves in the body are all connected all it takes is one nerve someplace silly to hit another nerve and cause pain in a different area of the body. I don't know what is causing your teeth pain but I bet it doesnt even have anything to do with the teeth them selves.
Reply:are you sure it is tooth pain or could it be gum pain. I have heard of pregnancy gingivitis. It is very common and it comes from hormone fluctuation. It is important to get whatever it is looked at and keep your mouth as clean as possible.

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