Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why do my teeth hurt during my period?

i'm 23 years old. it started when i was in college. i have pinpointed the pain to either my lower left wisdom tooth or my lower left molar. my wisdom teeth are partially grown in. i have never had problems with my teeth - besides braces. but the only time my teeth ever hurt is when i get my period. the pain starts on the first day of my period and lasts the duration of it... sometimes till a day or two after my period. what is causing this? am i the only weirdo that has teeth problems as a part of pms?

Why do my teeth hurt during my period?
Could be the pain radiating from your head, like sometimes ears will get sore if you have a sore head.

OR you could be from clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth when you sleep since this is caused by stress and/or anxiety and lots of people are anxious or stressed when they have their period. You might not be noticing you're doing it.

Another reason to consider is that if you eat more sugary foods and drinks due to cravings at that time of the month your teeth could be extra sensitve and hurt but go away when your eating goes back to normal.
Reply:this happens to me all the time. you are not alone. my eyes hurt too. i think the person who answered last, the one who said it could be water retension, might be on to something..... advil does help Report It

Reply:because you body is trying to reject your teeth. my suggestion...take advil
Reply:You Are Lack In Calcium.
Reply:I've never heard of that before. I am a dental assistant and current going to school for dental hygiene and I've never come across anything like that... Hmmm...
Reply:Go to the Doctor Because it shouldnt hurt!
Reply:my grandma said that when your on your period your wisdom teeth grow more... I seriously dont know where she got that information from, but thats all i can tell you. I dont know if i believe it or not!
Reply:The only thing that comes to mind is water gain and pressure. Does your face feel at all puffy during your periods? If you retain water in your facial tissue, it could cause pressure on the sensitive nerve back there. Since the tooth has only partially come in, it must be hung up and probably in a bad position, making the nerve extra vulnerable to compression.

Try Midol as it has a mild diuretic, or check with both your dentist and regular doctor to see if they agree with my guess...


Ed, RN

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