Monday, November 16, 2009

Can heart problems cause your teeth to hurt?

When my dad's heart is racing, he says his teeth hurt. He has heart problems, and this really worries me. What is the cause of this? What does it mean?

Can heart problems cause your teeth to hurt?
One symptom of a heart attack is that you can experience jaw pain which i suppose could go up to your teeth. Considering your dad has a history of heart problems, he should probably get it checked out. Best of luck!
Reply:It could be a transfere of pain, in some instances where a person is having heart problems their right shoulder will hurt. But i really am not sure, best if he asks his doctor at his next check-up
Reply:well i know sinus problems can cause your teeth to hurt, but maybe your dad does like i do... when i am in pain i clench my teeth together , most of the time not realizes i am doing it, and then my teeth start to hurt. .. really you need to talk to a doc about this. sorry to hear about his heart problems
Reply:his blood pressure is probably high at the time, which can definitely make your head ache, and if he gets tense and clenches his jaws (probably unconsciously) that would contribute, too...i definitely have heard of people having shooting pains up the side of their neck during a heart attack...hope he checks with the doctor soon...oh, yea, and bad teeth can contribute to heart disease...something about higher chloesterol and placque more easily entering the blood stream, i think
Reply:I dont know about the heart making the teeth hurt but I had some dental work recently and while in the waiting room I read an article that they have linked bad teeth care as being a problem for the heart. All smokers are going to have gingivitis and if you dont have regular dental check ups they say it will effect your heart.
Reply:Angina(chest pain due to cardiac problems) can cause jaw pain.

Make sure your father mentions this symptom to his doctor.

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