Monday, November 16, 2009

Umm..yeah question on why my damn teeth hurt..?

ok, since yesterday, everytime i drink or eat, there are two teeth near the back of my mouth on the left side that hurt when i eat or drink, they feel like there is something freezing cold going through there and the gum, and it hurts, i would like to know what it is, and why it hurts, its starting to anger me..

Umm..yeah question on why my damn teeth hurt..?
You know there could be any number of things wrong and I couldn't begin to diagnose since I'm not privy to look at your teeth and mouth or ask questions. But if you maintain regular check ups and take care of your teeth with brushing and flossing, it's probably nothing serious. You may have just bit down on something hard and "bruised" the teeth or you may have a little hypersensitivity due to a change in your diet, more acidic foods lately, possibly a fracture or loose filling or you grind your teeth, tissue recession from over brushing or even sinuses. Any of these or a few others could be the cause of your problem. What you should do is think about what you could have done that may be the cause the pain and you could come up with the reason. Especially where foods and other items are concerned, more fruits or higher acidic content ingested, change in toothpaste or mouthwash, more stress in your life lately. There are too many things to consider without further information and a visual look at your mouth. I would just hold off over the weekend and consider any possible changes or things your doing different, possible stress or grinding or foods you've had that may have had a hard object that you may have bit down hard on, and then consult with your dentist if things don't improve by Monday. If you’re having some sinus problems you might want to take some Benadryl an antihistamine or what ever you usually take for them. If not sinus problems, you can take about 600-800 mg of Advil or Motrin and see if it offers you any relief for the pain, it‘s what we always prescribe for moderate pain relief. You may find the problem resolves over the weekend and you never know what caused it. It happens quiet often. Wish I could be of more help and good luck with the toothache.
Reply:ye has tiny wee holes in ye teeth,when ye brush use warm not hot but warm water and it no hurt,as fer why that easy teeth rubbing together the back pushing other frwd,so be brave go see dentist
Reply:I found that sometimes if you've clenched your teeth to hard or grind them (while sleeping), it can produce what you are describing, if it doesn't subside in a day or 2. See your dentist, could be an infection staring.
Reply:Could it be wisdom teeth growing?
Reply:Maybe you brushed too hard and exposed near the root of those teeth. That causes over-sensitivity to hot / cold. My dentist yells at me for that. Use a softer brush and don't scrub too hard.
Reply:Your teeth mite have a infection or in the gum . Or your tooth could be black in side . So the best thing is you should just go to your dentist and tell them about it. And the will do a x ray to be on the safe side after all before taking out your tooth . i hope this helps .
Reply:There could be lots of reasons why your teeth are bothering you.....let's try to come up with a diagnosis....

1. Are they upper teeth? If so have you been having any sinus problems latley?? Sinus problems can cause pressure on the roots of your teeth and cause an ache-this could be bothering your gums too.

2. It is possible that you have a cavity...especially if they are sensitive to temperature change.

3. Do you clench/grind your teeth while you sleep or if you are stressed out?? You could have a TMJ problem(you can have a night gaurd made to help with this problem)

4. It's also possible that you have a tooth abcess--but this would probably hurt more than just when you are eating/drinking.

5. You could also have a fractured tooth.

6. It could also be toothbrush abrasion, from brushing too hard, for this you could try a toothpaste that is for sensitive teeth.

**I suggest that you go see a dentist, it could be something that is fixable now, but if you wait too long, it may not be!**

ALSO: in the mean time--if you are in pain take advil-it's the best for dental pain.
Reply:Go see your dentist. Most likely you have a cavity or a loose filling in that tooth. The dentist will be able to fix it for you. I hope you have insurance, otherwise I'm sure the filling will be around $125 or more depending on the dentist.


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