Monday, November 16, 2009

My retainers for my teeth hurt my gums.?

I haven't wore them for a long time about 2 months and now they really hurt i learned my lesson i will keep wearing them for the whole year but when will the pain go away? If i keep my retainer in my mouth at night will my teeth go bacc to the way they were when i got my braces off? because i think it happened before like before i went to sleep i put my retainer in my mouth and the top one wouldn't go in all the way and i went to sleep with it still in my mouth and when i woke up i could push it all the way in.

My retainers for my teeth hurt my gums.?
I had problems with my retainers. I was told to stop wearing them as often too soon, and my teeth were stronger than them. Sounds like yours is all right though. Just keep it in ever night from now on. If it still hurts, badly, time to go back to the ortho/dentist. They should be doing regular check-ups anyway.
Reply:Your teeth tend to shift after you have had braces. From my experience as a dental assistant, it is recommended that you wear your retainers every night for at least one year. After that, some people choose to continue wearing them every other night or at least on a regular basis.

After about a week of wearing your retainers at night, you should notice the pain subsiding. If you feel that the retainer is rubbing on your gums, take them into your dentist or orthodontist. They should be able to make simple adjustments to make it more comfortable.
Reply:well chances are that since you left them out so long, theyre not going to just move back overnight. you have to wear them at questions asked. just give it time. the pain will go away...but leaving them out is not the answer...your teeth will just go back to how they were and you'll need braces again.

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