Monday, November 16, 2009

Why does my two front teeth hurt when I drink cold liquids?

Whenever I drink liquids, my two front teeth hurt, it's been happening for a day now. It feels like when they tighten your braces, it hurts. I have braces btw, so why is this happening?

Why does my two front teeth hurt when I drink cold liquids?
It's more likely that your periodontal ligament is a bit inflamed from the braces and the forces that they are applying to your teeth. Sensitivity formula toothpaste will not help this at all. You just need to let your drinks warm up to the point that they don't bother you or use a straw to get them into your mouth without hitting your front teeth.

If you sprain your ankle or your wrist, you are supposed to put ice on it, but it hurts if you do, doesn't it? This is kind of the same thing that I think is going on with your teeth.

I'm assuming that you have been seen regularly by both your dentist and your orthodontist so we can rule out cavities...
Reply:You probably have sensitive teeth. Use a toothpaste for sensitive teeth (sensodyne, crest for sensitive teeth, etc...). If you don't see a dentist regularly I would first make an appointment to have an exam. He can rule out and diagnose what needs to be done.
Reply:you might have a cavity.. or you have sensitive teeth... see your dentist or dental hygeneist.

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