Monday, November 16, 2009

How come after a hard run my gums and teeth hurt?

My gums and teeth like burn/hurt after a good run. I started brushing my teeth before runs but it had no effect. Any other ideas?

How come after a hard run my gums and teeth hurt?
I don't know why this happens, but I experience it also. I have found that brushing w/ Sensodyne can help to alleviate it some.
Reply:Many people clench their teeth or grind their teeth when they run. This can hurt your teeth, jaw and sometimes gums. Try chewing gum while you run. this may sound simple but it can help prevent clenching while running(just do not clench the gum in your teeth). A dentist could also make you a guard that you could run with.

Hope this works.

good luck!
Reply:this happens to me. i heard that it actually has something to do with blood circulation and not enough oxygen or blood getting to your heart. i think there are certain parts of the body that i guess signal complications with the heart. i know one of them is the left arm which makes sense because when a person is having a heart attack he or she feels numbness or pain in that arm. i don't think this is nearly as serious as a heart attack though.

hope this helps!
Reply:Well while you run you might be clenching but not knowing it.. I have the same problem almost all the time, you get concentrated and its pretty hard to considerate on your teeth the hole run, But some people have sensitive teeth too. So you could be grinding your teeth, unknowing clenching them or you could just have sensitive teeth, I know chewing gum might help but there is a risk of needing a breath and chocking on it so the best thing to do is not exercise to hard and take breaks. This isn't really an answer or much help but I hope it did something for you.

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