Monday, November 16, 2009

Do crest whitestrips male your teeth hurt?

i was just researching whether or not they actually work. and a lot of the answers on yahoo answers said that they work great but they make your teeth super sensitive. if this is so, does it hurt when you are wearing them or are they sensitive after you are done using them???

Do crest whitestrips male your teeth hurt?
my teeth got a little sensitive while i was doing them but not bad. just like when i drank sumthing cold or whateva. but it didnt hurt at all. and it was totally worth it cuz my teeth look clean and whiter!
Reply:it did a little bit after but it didnt last long
Reply:If you have periodontal disease, you may experience some sensitivity, but you will get over it. They should not make your teeth sensitive. I have very sensitive teeth and can use them.
Reply:Made it painfull to drink cold water for a few hours after use

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