Monday, November 16, 2009

What to do when your teeth hurt after getting braces tightened?

I'm in alot of pain and i'm trying to get sleep! My stupid braces are making my teeth hurt so much! I tried taking tylenol but that stuff does nothing. I need solutions!!!

What to do when your teeth hurt after getting braces tightened?
Drink a milkshake/smoothie or something cold. It'll help soothe your mouth.

Also, use Baby Orajel on your gums. It's for babies when they go through teething, but it works like a charm with braces (experience). It doesn't taste that bad either.

Try taking Advil or Motrin instead of Tylenol.

good luck! :)
Reply:tylenol should be working, but just drink warm things. and if your hungry soups so it can be easy to chew.
Reply:When I had braces, my orthodontist used to tell me that gargling with warm salt water would help to get rid some of the pain. I can't remember if that worked though....
Reply:We recommend that patients chew (sugarless) gum after an adjustment. It works out the pressure.

Not so sure that you want to do that if you're in bed though. (Although I've heard that peanut butter will take gum out of your hair....)
Reply:When I had braces (eons ago) and they hurt after tightening, I ate something cool or cold--ice cream, jello, even ice chips. It helped the swelling go down and numbed my mouth until the pain medication (Tylenol/ibuprofen) took over. If I wasn't getting any relief from that, I used some Oragel or Numbsit--worked on my baby sisters gums when she was teething, worked like a dream for my mouth with braces. The child/baby formula worked just as well as the regular strength--and didn't taste as bad. If you still don't get any relief, contact your orthodontist as soon as possible or if that can't wait, call your dentist or even your regular doctor--they may have a way to help you out until you can see your orthodontist. Good luck!
Reply:theres not much you can do. the only answer i have is like advil and stuff. the pain should stop in a day or two. if you are in really bad pain then call your dentist.
Reply:take advil and use the wax that they gave you also eat or drink cold thinks and it will feel better

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