Monday, November 16, 2009

What do I do? teeth hurt?

What do you do when you can't afford dental work?....and your teeth really hurt. I was told I'll need a root canal by the dentist last time - but then my dental insurance ran out.

What do I do? teeth hurt?
Depending on you age, you can go to your local health department or check your colleges in your area to be volunteer as a patient.

Don't worry about going to a college, because they are taught and watched over by their teacher's whom are certified or a Dr.

The students have to learn somewhere.

Give it a try.
Reply:take some pain reliver than will make the pain go away
Reply:put salt in a glass of water..and gurgle it..

works for me..
Reply:call your local health department sometimes they can help or if u have a free clinic nearby
Reply:you need a friend to help you in the payment or maybe a relative. I wish i could help
Reply:You can go to the hospital dentistry, you need to get there very very early though because you will be waiting a long time, as there are no appointemnts to be made you just line up.... this is true in Australia, im not sure about where else though? But yeah, you need to get it done or it will end up costing you so much more money regardless because the problem will just get worse and worse....
Reply:call around and see if anyone takes payments. I feel for ya...i have the same problem right now, except i need my wisdom teeth out. I hope you can get some help.
Reply:i would apply again for like a cheap insurance also alot of universitys with dental programs will have higher students do assisted work yeah ur a guinea pig but its not bad i had my dentist mess up my whole mouth and my insurance was out so i needed 6 root canals and 2 teeth pulled and i went there.also my frined need a partial and she went to.

its alot cheeper then the dentist

i hope you can find somewhere !

good luck and god bless.

For people like you.
Reply:The health of your teeth and gums play a major role in your over-all health. You may want to work a out a payment plan with your dentist (explian your situation) or ask if he can refer you to a local dental school who might be able to perform a root canal. Best wishes. Hope this helps.
Reply:Go to your nearest disco. Tell the muscle-bound bouncer on the door that while he's been standing there all night, you've been giving his missus one. And he'll knock all your teeth out for nothing!
Reply:go to the dentist and tell them exactly whats wrong!
Reply:Many places will help you establish a payment plan. If you have health insurance many places know that parts of the care can be considered medical and can be billed in part to your medical insurance. Especially if it is an emergency and you need prescriptions. If you need a little relief right away, prepare some hot tea and let it come to sipping strength. Take some cayenne pepper and add a little water to make a paste. Apply to the gums surounding the aching tooth. (If you aren't used to spicey foods try ground ground cloves.) If you use cloves it can be applied directly to the tooth. Then, take a sip of tea and swish and spit. Do Not swallow that part. Then enjoy the rest of the tea. It may take a couple of applications for it but they're both old remedies that have helped me manage cracking a tooth over the holidays until the first working day.
Reply:Contact your local hospital, they should at least have a pain relief clinic.

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