Thursday, November 12, 2009

Help me my teeth hurt,?

My wisdom teeth are coming in, but the whole left side of my top teeth hurt especially the one right before my two front teeth, i can't eat anything at times because it hurts so much, what should I do?

Help me my teeth hurt,?
You probalby need to have them removed. I just had 4 wisdom teeth removed through oral surgery. My bottom two were impacted (still under the gum) and the top two were through the gum. The dentists usually recommend that you have both the top and bottom wisdom teeth removed at the same time. If you have the bottom removed but leave the top the top wisdom teeth come in more because they don't have the lower ones to hit against when you close your mouth and the same goes for removing only the top ones. I'm 43 and my bottom impacted wisodom teeth started to push the gum up and the top wisdom teeth would dig into the gum when I closed my mouth, it was very painfull and got to the point that I could not eat normally or talk normally. Since the bottom were impacted it required oral surgery and I was asleep for the entire operation (about 40 minutes). It has now been 6 days and I can honestly say that the most pain I ever experienced in the whole ordeal was when they put the IV in my arm, and that was nothing more then a small bee-sting-type-pain. Since the operation I followed the post-op care instructions they gave me, and I took the pain medicine the dentist perscribed but no longer needed it after 4 days. Oh yea, the cost for removing all four wisdom teeth, the anesthesia, and everything else combined came to $1,500.00, yours may be less! If you don't have the money talk to your church, your family and relatives to find the money. you can even get small loans for this type of thing. It is worth it. I wish you well, and remember the whole ordeal probably seems much scarier than it will really be.
Reply:You really need to see your dentist. You may have an infection or impaction from your wisdom teeth. Good luck.
Reply:You need to get to the dentist...go to the hospital ER or an urgent care if it becomes unbearable before you can get to the dentist.
Reply:get them pulled they will cause the rest of your teeth to become crooked
Reply:thats normal.....untill they erupt u will be fine
Reply:you seem to be suggesting that the tooth at the front is hurting because of your wisdom teeth. That is possible but unlikely;the fact that u are asking on yahoo says that u are avoiding getting a proper opinion, which suggests that youve not had your teeth looked at for ages, which suggests that they could be in poor shape,eg cavities.........................asking on this site wont fix it, will it?
Reply:go and see your dentist

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