Monday, November 16, 2009

Can i take Tylenol if my teeth hurt REALLY bad?

So I just started wearing my old retainers again like the dentist said and i know for the first few weeks my teeth are going to hurt like HELL. I was wondering if Tylenol would help ease the pain.. and if it's OKAY to take one everyday for a week or so.

Can i take Tylenol if my teeth hurt REALLY bad?
Tylenol is a great pain reliever, but Ibuprofen, Motrin are much better for dental pain. Ice will also help in between pills. You can take one tylenol %26amp; one ibuprofen together or piggyback them...two tylenol %26amp; two hours later two motrin/ibuprofen. good luck!!! OUCH!!!
Reply:Tylenol, ibuprofen, any kind of pain reliever will help. Cold drinks can help, too. Won't hurt to take it several days. Eating something with it will help guard against the tummy troubles that can be caused by taking ibuprofen.
Reply:Yes, If you have pain take tylenol. It's not only for fever reducing and headache's. Generally, it will work for most physical pain symptoms as well. Take it. But follow the dosage on the back of the bottle =)
Reply:Yes. If you're going to take it around the clock, Tylenol is probably the safest of the OTC painkillers to take. (Safer than aspirin, ibuprofen, naprosin, etc.)
Reply:I'm sure that would be fine, but I've found that Ibuprofen works best for a tooth pain.
Reply:Take two and then, oh hell take 4,


Take anything shy of half the bottle and you'll be fine.

I'm not encouraging you to do so, just take two, but still ITS JUST TYLENOL

I am deeply sorry to anyone who lost someone due to Tylenol overdose who I have offended.
Reply:As long as you don't take more than the maximum amount of tylenol per day you can live it up and take whatever you need whenever you need it.

Yes Tylenol helps with the pain and 1 max strength tablet per day is not much in the Tylenol dose world.
Reply:tylenol is good medicine. it was at one time a prescription i believe. you can take whatever the bottle says if you need it.

i would not take more than it says you can take. too much tylenol can cause liver / kidney probs ?


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