Monday, November 16, 2009

My expander is making all my teeth hurt?

I have it on the top of my mouth and iv had it for about a month. It seems to be making all my teeth really hurt when ever i eat and also sensitive. Is this normal and if nto what may be causing this?

My expander is making all my teeth hurt?
Pain can be very diverse. It differs from age, gender, and health status.

A certain amount of pressure and a pressing sensation is normal in most cases of expanders. Although it is a case to case basis. I suggest you contact your dentist immediately. Your Orthodontist holds all your diagnostic files and can alone be more effective in diagnosing your condition. The degree of pressure, though, on your oral cavity can be adjusted.

The adjustment of pressure is in the hands of your dentist. The pressure will equal the desired tooth movement per period of time.

You could take a pain reliever, but the wisest thing is too inform your dentist.

Hope this helps.
Reply:it is normal at first, but it shouldnt be hurting now that you've had it a month..i would call the orthodontist and ask. i have one too, and it did hurt at first but after a week or so, it didnt bother me at all.

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