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How much do pulling out your wisdom teeth hurt?

Recently my wisdom teeth has been slowly coming out and Im in a few days im going to check up to a dentist. Im just wondering how much does it hurt if they pull it out if its still coming our or if its fully grown? When I go to checkups i cant stand opening my mouth wide for a long time because it really hurts my jaws.

How much do pulling out your wisdom teeth hurt?
i got mine out when i was 16 and i just rested for about a week, and felt fine. i didnt even have to take the pain killers they gave me. the only crappy thing is having a huge puffy face. you really gotta stay in for like a week.
Reply:Even with the novacaine, it still hurts and does it bleed!
Reply:my wisdom teeth have grown in for the most part but they still irritate my gums from time to time. i dont want to bother going to have them removed cause it will probably cost me an arm and leg.
Reply:it dont hurt cos u have injection to numb it. but careful not to bit your lip cos it will probably be numb for a couple of hrs.
Reply:I would rather have my testicles slammed in a door
Reply:When I had mine out I had it done by an orthodontic surgeon, so I was under anesthesia and unconscious - I didn't feel a thing. The recovery period was unpleasant - my mouth was sore and I couldn't eat anything more than milkshakes, ice cream, pudding, etc.
Reply:Oh it is terrible it hurts like hell I swear unless they are really lose
Reply:If it`s done right, you will have little pain.
Reply:I got my bottom wisdom teeth pulled out two years ago and they weren't fully grown in. I had eight shots of novocaine and I barely felt them digging in and grabbing it. Most people prefer to be knocked out, but it was much easier staying awake. Your mouth is so numb you dont feel a thing. I also have a problem with my jaw. Every minute or two, my dentist would let me take a quick break. It was a very smooth and non painful process. I would do it again cuz it was so easy.
Reply:Yikes. I am having all four out on the 27th so I'll let you know! You can have a local or a general anesthetic. The dentist won't do it. Most likely you will be reffered to a specialist surgeon and there will be a wait. From what I understand, the most pain is in the recovery and not the actual extraction itself.
Reply:l am sure your dentist will make sure you are out of pain as much as painkiller injection.

If it still hurts when he is about to extract the tooth...tell him...

l have had four wisdom teeth out...all in the dental chair...two of which were painless and the other two....well thats another story.

l sit back and ponder much pain l had at the time..but all is forgiven now....and hey they only have to come out once!
Reply:A friend who had this done was actually put to sleep whilst the operation to take out his wisdom teeth took place.

I was told by the dentist that I would likely get a local? anasthetic to just numb the wisdom tooth area, and you will feel nothing when they pull it out, until the anasthetic wears off.

im dreading it. But might need to have it done, as the dentist says theres not enough space in my mouth.

My jaws are fine when opened wide, so hopeuflyly dont need to take mine out,.
Reply:it hurts a lot
Reply:It doesn't hurt as much as them coming in.
Reply:Well, I would have to say it's different for everybody. For me it didn't hurt at all. I was walking around the same day as if nothing happened. My brother though was out for a week. It just depends but they're definitely worth getting pulled out. If they don't get pulled out they will mess up the rest of your teeth. So, if your jaws hurt now, it will probably keep hurting but if you get the teeth pulled, you'll maybe hurting for a week. Do it dude.
Reply:when i had mine pulled with a dentist, the dentist injected something as anesthesia, i didn't feel anything by the time he was doing it, but bleeds a little bit.... only after few hours i started feeling it hurt a little but they will give you pain medicine and something to stop the blood........ don't worry about it you will be okay.......... good luck!!!
Reply:Those were the easy ones for me. They just slipped out when i had mine removed. And just to let you know everyone's jaws feel sore at the dentist. Let your dentist know about how you feel about your check-ups.

Take care.
Reply:Not any more than oh,say..having a

fingertip cut off.No big deal!

Just kidding!

Don't remove them unless absolutely

an emergency or if they begin to crowd

the other teeth.
Reply:I just got my top 2 pulled yesterday and when they were pulling them out it didn't hurt at all you just felt a lot of pressure,and i didn't have to keep my mouth open for a long period of time. It is still a bit painful now but it's nothing compared to the pain you will go through if you let them go for a long time.
Reply:I was the worse possible with dental pain, but once the shot was over, I could handle most anything. I have had all 4 pulled but not before they had crushed the teeth in front of them, so had to have those pulled also. (8)

If you find a good dentist, the shot does not have to hurt as much as they use to. I did not have to have them cut out as some do. They came out easy, so the pain after was moderate for some and nearly nothing for others. Except for a dry-socket with one.

Get it over. If they have to go, they have to go.
Reply:Surgery is fast and painless but I had mine pulled because it was cheaper, and I have high pain tolerance and it hurt very bad during pulls, but did not swell or get infected. Pulling will save $300-500, and if you pay 100% of medical bills out of own pocket this is best choice. If I currently had health insurance I would get the surgery.
Reply:i just have 6 teeth pulled out 3 days ago, 4 wisdom teeth (2 impacted under the gum) so they had to cut them out cause they hadn't grown in yet! and this was all three days ago! i felt no pain after or during as i was put to sleep! my advise to you is to go to an oral surgeon and get put to sleep, i swear to you i did not have any pain after only some jaw tenderness when i touched it but no throbbing what so ever! cost is more at an oral surgeon but well worth it.... Trust me if i was is so much pain after having 6 teeth out would i be here answering question or on the floor crying in agony! i didn't even need to take the pain killers they gave me only needed to ice my face! and as you can see from my previous question i was terrified about the whole thing and to my surprise it was so easy and painless!

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