Monday, November 16, 2009

Can penicillin make my teeth hurt?

i no it sounds stupid but last nyt i took an antibiotic with peniclin in and then my teeth started to hurt. i have the flu so i dnt no wat could cause it

Can penicillin make my teeth hurt?
No antibiotic will make your teeth hurt. Probably the infection you have {your Flu} is really in a sinus or possibly your ear this will often disguise itself as a tooth ache. Finish your antibiotics and if you still have tooth pain check it out with your dentist, but I will bet it will go away when your other symptoms do.
Reply:No. Penicillin will not cause dental pain. It could have been referred pain from your flu.
Reply:call the doctor who prescribed the med and tell him/her of your symptoms. the doctor may change the med.
Reply:Why would you take an antibiotic without a doctors order? This did not cause you painful teeth. Sounds like you might have sinus problems which will cause you teeth to hurt. NEVER take antibiotics without a doctors order to do so.

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