Monday, November 16, 2009

Is it normal that your teeth hurt on the second day you have braces?

everytime i move my teeth they hurt?

when is it going to get better?

Is it normal that your teeth hurt on the second day you have braces?
Yes, it is normal for your teeth to hurt a little. For the first week, you may feel like you can't any solid foods. Eat soft stuff and don't try to rush it. The pain will ease away. Then you will be pretty much back to normal. They may get sore in certain spots when the teeth are shifting too. When you go for your regular appointments to get your braces tightened, etc. you will probably be sore for a day or two. It's not too bad though once you get used to it and know what to expect.
Reply:it is normal. mine didn't get better until about a week or 2.
Reply:its supposed to hurt all the time!! for a while of course, till u get acustomed
Reply:no **** sherlock!

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Reply:hang in there! It will get better within two or three days, until then load up on ibuprofin or asprin. Good luck!
Reply:Yes! They'll probably hurt a couple days. It'll get better, though. Then every so often when you get them messed with at the orthodontist your teeth might hurt again for a short period of time. You can take some tylenol or something and that will help.
Reply:It's so normal. The pay off will be huge in the (hopefully) near future. Everyone is different as far as the time thing goes. Ask your dentist if he has any suggestions that can make you more comfortable.
Reply:Yes definitely! Unfortunately it wont feel completely better for about a week. Taking tynol will help or adivl. take it easy for the next couple of days. just chill.
Reply:YES. It should be better in a few daysss :]

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