Monday, November 16, 2009

When i dont wear my retainers my teeth hurt?

I got my braces off a few months ago and this week my orthodontist said i can wear my retainers at night. I know this sounds strange but when i dont wear my retainers my teeth start to hurt for no reason! its usually the back teeth in my mouth on the top and bottom. what should i do

When i dont wear my retainers my teeth hurt?
Either continue wearing them or try waiting until night. Your mouth will adjust but remember my children were told they must wear their retainers at night for the rest of their lives or their teeth will shife.
Reply:If you dont wear your retainer you teeth will move back, causing so much pain.

put that retainer in!

take some advil/motrin to
Reply:its probably because youre sooo used to the pressure. Id say just keep dealing with the pain. soon enough it should subside and if you do it for a while it should go away all together. good luckk = ]
Reply:This is normal. If you do not wear your retainers consistently your teeth begin to move, many times the teeth will begin to even move during the day at first even if you wear the retainers ever night. This is b/c the bone is not fully set yet to hold your teeth in this new straightened place. Eventually, after wearing the retainers consistently at night, your teeth will quit moving so quickly and it will be less painful. You might try taking some ibuprofen or aleve before going to bed to help the pain. The problem is the retainers try to move the teeth back into place and causes periodontal ligament inflammation or soreness and pain of your teeth. If you don't consistently wear the retainers, the bone around your teeth will never set completely and you will have lots of trouble with your teeth moving the rest of your life.
Reply:wear your retainer. just cuz he said you didn't have to wear it during the day doesn't mean you can't. if you feel like it helps with it in there then wear it,
Reply:put ur retanier in your teeth are sliding back

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