Monday, November 16, 2009

Is it normal to have teeth hurt when sugar or hot/cold drinks touches them?

Please tell me its normal! Because all of my teeth hurt whenever i eat something sugary or hot/cold. Particulary after i brush them and use floride and floss etc. does anyone know why? its my front teeth too..which as far as im aware have no cavities in them.

Is it normal to have teeth hurt when sugar or hot/cold drinks touches them?
Not normal. You probably have the beginning of cavities. Get to dentist.
Reply:It is not normal.
Reply:they are sensitive and likely have a small hairline crack that is causing the pain
Reply:you have sensitivity in your teeth probably due to a break down in your enamel. you need to see your dentist and have him suggest a toothpaste to take care of it.most can be bought at any department store.
Reply:I have that too and my dentist said my teeth are just sensitive and to use sysendyne toothpaste to ease that feeling. It helped me.
Reply:definately sounds like sensitive teeth, theres plenty of sensitive teeth toothpastes out there though:D
Reply:it its normal to have sensitive teeth from hot or cold drinks or food. but also over time your enamel starts breaking down, which results in a cavity (maybe from drinking soda or eating a lot of sugary foods) once the enamel wears off then the nerves in your teeth are somewhat open to whatever you drink/eat. go to the dentist and get your teeth checked out. he/she can always place a "cap" on your tooth to replace the enamel.
Reply:No theyre not supposed to hurt but they sure can get sensitive just from a whitening tooth paste. I would make an appointment if they get worse. Sounds like tooth paste or something like that. We bought Listerine's whitening mouth wash and I had to throw it away, my teeth hurt like crazy...never did notice any difference in the color.

You might also want to get a tube of sensodyne toothpaste. Got that for my son after he got whitening strips from the Easter bunny.
Reply:I too had been having this problem for about a year, and at each visit asking the dentist what could be done. They took x-rays and made sure there wasn't a bigger problem, then they said that my bite was off, and had me grind my teeth on a carbon stick. The dentist then grinded down some of my teeth so they matched up better and I had immediate relief (I have TMJ also). I didn't think that would work or was that simple, but now I can eat sweets and chocolate with no sensitivity. Hope this helps!
Reply:my teeth sometimes hurt when I eat/drink something hot or cold. i'm fine when it comes to sugar though. i dont know if its normal, but you're not alone


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